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BetVictor Free 2x3eur ticket and 20 free spins! :)  0   
Hei Brm Guys and Ladies Smile

I just recieved mail from Betvictor! This is only who have account on betvictor and need to login today.

Free Spins And Tickets

We’ve noticed that you haven’t played on BetVictor Poker in a while and as such, we’ve credited your account with the following to get you up and running again!

2 x €3+0.30 Flush Royale tickets.
20 Free Spins for use on our Casino in Poker games.

Good luck at the tables! Worship Spade Club Heart Diamond Dollar

look what kind of message I get when I try to open bet victor page Big Smile Worship
I know that I had account on this site years and years ago and just try to see will I have something and get this:

It appears you are accessing our website from a prohibited location.

Local regulations prohibit us from allowing you to log in or place bets on our website.

We cannot accept any transactions from this Jurisdiction.

If you believe you have been incorrectly transferred to this page, please contact [email protected]

There are some similar messages we are seeing every time here, when we are trying to access
a site that is not regulated. And there are lots of them.
Lately they have added a redirecting page, with warnings and stuff lol.
Freaking politicians and their decisions.

but this is very strange that some site,especially old sites and where I am registered many,many years ago,dont allow me to play!never had that problem and even to open their page!its one when you can register,they dont allow your country,but this kind of message,so silly!

Betvictor??? first time i hear bout that place, no wonder some of u guys cant play there, they look local, and very small room, and ill guess they are recent poekr room, i havent play there, but i tend to avoid those kind of rooms in general, but if they turn out to be the next 888 ill give`em a fair shot at taking my money Big Smile

I don´t play at BetVictor the last years, but i had an account there. I don´t got a mail with this kind of offer, but i think i take a look on my old account, perhaps i found a ticket Blink

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