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... Big Smile< Anybody make a deposit using that code this week...? I made a small deposit to Full Tilt using that code and only expecting a huge .50c prize..... Confused.....

... Big Smile< ....BUT, my surprize I got a $5 EXtra bonus...!!! Big Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

... Big Smile< How much did anybody else get...?

Where did you take this code. Question

I remember having received a mail with a deposit code a few month ago and made good money with this.

But it was only for peoples that were invited for it. Confused Confused


Big Smile< I got it in an email a few days ago...but it wasn't a special invite or anything... I just looked like it was available for anybody...

... Big Smile< it can be used this week and for the next three again for more bonus cash...! Bonus money every deposit...! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

This is exactly that i was saying above. You have to be invited at the time there was different kind of bonus. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I was not invited this time because last time i made all my deposit in Canadian money and cash out after the promotion. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Thumbs Up

It may not be the same in Canada for you guys, but certainly in UK, on pokerstars and full till, this promo is advertised in the news articles when you open up the client, so it appears to apply to everyone. The least you can do, now you know the code, is give it a try. There is also a promo where if you complete a certain achievement (I think this week it is win a game with hole cards 99) you double up your bonus. Good luck.

have to admit that i haven't deposited even a single dollaro using deposit code MEGA2, mainly because of the fact that deposit code MEGA2 is not available for the players from my country or to the players of my skill level. good luck to mobbits using deposit code MEGA2, hope you win big.

Last time for me was code MEGA100 where you need to deposit min 100$ and win from 20$ to 100k$
i deposit 4 time and win 2X20$ 1X30$ 1X40$ so was 110$ free for me and i do same like pinotte cash out after promo end Smile

You have nothing to lose by trying the code. I believe that they have setup the exclusions.
So if it works for you, you are probably entitled to it.
What are they gonna do, remove the winnings afterwards? Smile
And if the are no play through requirements, it is even better. Good luck to all.

I've been too ill to play last night and tonight, this is first time I have turned on a computer, but I will take a look now.

I found the Omaha challenge has made it easy money too, so will play that some more!

nope,no bonus for me :/

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I've been waiting for this bonus for 2 months now and still not yet received any mails about it... but I'm sure it will come if not I'm will wait for it to make my next deposit even if I have to wait more than 2 yrs Big Smile

I have read an action that if to contribute $100 for Full Tilt with the MEGA100 code I will receive a bonus. I have begun to depit, but I have in reply received that I have no right for this bonus. But now they have a quite good stock DOUBLE. Into the account $10 real arrive.

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