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cant log-in to full tilt.  0   
well i was on holiday everything was fine before i left i came back they have some stars account and i cant log in with my previous full tilt information. i recieve emails to reset password so it must be linked yet it keeps saying create account. when i try create using my username it says its already in use and so it the email. :/

can anyone help?

Thanks in advance


use your stars account details

i will try to provide an answer based on my recent experience on this exact same issue.Basically,you have failed to upgrade to stars account (from FT account).From now on, only one usrename and password for both clients.
Just fill username field and click on forgot password option.
Then, client should start reseting your password by asking you to choose new one.I should mention to keep an eye to your email linked to account as stars will send you there the link needed.
And in case you have not linked PS and FT accounts i think you should try this:
1. Launch the new Full Tilt software.
2. When prompted to enter your Stars account details, please enter your old Full Tilt username and Password here.
3. This will then launch the account upgrade process
Or try to log in to PS account and from support contact them filling acount field.In my case three emails were needed..Good luck

You can indeed log in with your stars credentials now. But you'll have to log in with your FT credentials once too, to get all you money, coins and tickets transferred to stars. Once you did that, your FT credentials are no longer valid.
Maybe you did that already? If your FT balance was added to your PS balance, then your FT credentials are no longer valid.

I had a similar experience, in that my PS username was pre-filled in the FT software, and I could log in with PS credentials. My balance seemed to have gone missing, which was only corrected after logging in with my FT credentials. It's strange that they did not do that automatically, since the accounts were already linked. I guess they hope that a lot of FT members forget, and they get to keep the remaining balance... That should add up nicely...

I can use both accounts (stars and ft) last week, but i had used my old account username. I see in the ft Software the old ft layout, but the schedule are now the same like at stars. But i don´t got the tickets for the freerolls

I had problems with paring account,so I contact support and they done that manually!you have to log in with that old username and pass and full tilt and then he will offer to you to upgrade software and then after some hours you will get tickets for special freeroll!

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