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888poker's $5,000,000 Supersize ME'

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Posted on 30 May 2016 by "T".
This summer, thousands of players will head to Las Vegas to take part in the 2016 WSOP. Online poker giant 888poker, the 2nd biggest online poker room in the world is once again an official sponsor. We're happy to announce that few of them will be competing for life-changing money courtesy of 888poker. That's because we'll giving away a VIP $13,500 packages to the WSOP 2016, which includes a Mai[...]   Read more » 888poker's $5,000,000 Supersize ME'

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nah, not interested, 5 millions is peanut money for me, and from what i hear on the street it's the same for majority of mobbits. we are true gangsters here, and gangsters have so much cash that an extra 5 millions here and there looks like a silly joke to them. grow up 888 and choose your audience more properly.


excellent offer but not for me , maybe you'll win a package to Vegas but will not be able to go there , the problem is the visa is much more difficult for us to get a visa , even though 've got to purchase $ 150 that you apply you have no guarantee that you will get a visa , this is the reason that I'm not trying

What a very nice promo. Did I read it right? It's only $600 buy in to try and win this prize. Sounds great value. I would rather keep playing the freerolls where you win 0.13c for three hours hard graft. As Pochui says, who needs five million dollaros anyway. It would ruin your life for one thing cos you'd never be able to be the same again!

"Winning the WSOP Main Event is a life changing experience for anyone and the prize money is huge," says who? It is Jamie Gold, a former talent agent in Hollywood who has become a household name in the poker industry. How has he been doing these days? Gone back to California and bought his own vineyard there?

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This is another great promotion and well done to them for offering it. The prize package would be enough for anyone but to offer this $5,000,000 prize on top as well is phenomenal

Ok give me the 5 millions, i´m not depressive about that Big Smile And i think i can handle a big winning and i have so many ideas to change my life into a luxury version Blink 888 offer a lot of nice promos in the past in my opinion.

BankrollMob Forum » News » 888poker's ‘$5,000,000 Supersize ME'

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