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Hello all.... Thanks for taking time to read and i hope you can give me answer...

Im trying to find this ''special freeroll '' for first 200 but cant. Where is it?


When will my 40 Tournament $ be on my account? Leauge is over shouldnt it be over right away?
A Spade A Club Thanks in advance for point out my unINFORMNESS Smile

Have a great day! Blink

Unless you don't know today is the 31st. and there is still one tournament running for the leaderboard don't worry you will get your prize maybe tomorrow or a few days.

Now the top 100 tournament date should be decided in a few days and if you go to the leaderboard when the date is set you will see it on top when you open leaderboard.

Just be patient thinks don't always work like you would like to. Big Smile Big Smile

Just keep an eye on the leaderboard page, it will be posted there. Usually it takes a few weeks, if memory serves me.

Congrats on the good result!

I simply cannot believe that even before the leaderboard has ended that someone wants to be paid out.....goodness gracious dear lady! Have some patience and wait till the competition is over. I'm sure there will be double counting and ratification to be carried out before anyone gets any money.

I would like to say well done to PartyPoker and BRM for this fantastic promotion.

This post is hidden due to too many bad ratings! View the post anyway...

Very nice language for a 26 years old female. I would say the same if it was a male. Aww crap! Aww crap!

I like the attitude she has, yep shes definitely from the balkan Big Smile
26 years old, plus Croatian, on top of that a poker player, ahhh, well Big Smile if she can rock the baby to sleep with one hand and play poker and drink beer with the other, like IcyQueen, then ill come at your home girl and ask your father for your hand Big Smile
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Posted by BadOdds:
Wtf is your problem dude? I only asked fucking question and you come back at me like im begging? I Asked DOSE aNyoNe know! you fucking imbecile you think i begg for 40 tournament dollars? i have 9k on stars and 22k� on tonybet ... fucking fish donk Thumbs Down

Then a mere $40 won't be a problem being a few days later then will it you foul mouthed person.

Enjoy your thumbs down and hope you get many more.

There is no need to be so rude.

cant believe what kind of people use this forum and play on freerolls!still one tourney in progress,leaderboard isnt finished and he want money already at account!on this you see how people are greedy!

Doing a manual transaction over a night is something i would consider impossible.
You are expecting them to wait for the leader board to finish and do the transactions? Blink
It always takes a few days.
And about the freeroll for the winners. There is no standard time for it.
Most of the times, it takes place 1-2 weeks after the leader board has finished.

Does anyone already have the tournament dollars in his/her account?

I dont think so that someone got it already.
And it is friday now, so not expecting anything on weekend too Smile
Juts have some patience. It may take w while but you will get it eventually.
Congratulations to all the winners.


if you say you have so much money on poker stars and the Tonybet why you are in such a hurry to $ 40 , you create enemies here in the future and that you need help no one helped you since you offending members of this forum

Earlier I found time generally for Poker Stars, but in connection with their changes, I consider that it is poker not most attractive at the moment the room. As on me - Betsafe. Here you can find many privileges for game. Plus the casino gives the pluses to your bankroll.

of course I have no 20K Euro, but I am also patiently waiting for my 120$ on PP for the leaderboard Big Smile

will we have another PP leaderboard for this month or in next weeks?didnt play much last leaderobard,but maybe I would next one,so would be nice that we have again leaderboard with good prize pool!now we only have sundays 200 $ freeroll!

If there will be another one in party or in another poker site will be announced here for sure,
or you will see details for it in your email.
It all depends on traffic generated from BRM members.
If its enough, they will do another one, if its not..... Smile

Still no tournamentdollars in my account. How long does this take?

I sent an email to PartyPoker to see how long it will take them to process the leaderboard results. BRM said they gave them the results by June 1 right? I give them plenty of action so I don't think they will mind the gentle reminder?

Freeroll will be held on Sunday June 12th at 20:00CET-All winners must register manually. Still no payment Angry

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