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  1-Jun-16, 23:04   #1
A busy day +1 
Joined: May '12
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 2063
69 mtt tournaments played today... that's a new volume record for me on 888.

Somehow managed to cash in 44% (forty-four!)

Over $100 profit too, but I'm never truly happy with the outcome. Could always be that bit better. 3 final tables that I couldn't see through to 1st places... always annoys me.

I guess 3-figure profit isn't bad considering average buy in is around $0.55 Smile

Years graph attached.... 499 out of the 700ish games played were all in May, so it's not really representitive of 5 months of play.

Attached ImagesScreenshot_2016-06-01-23-26-33

  1-Jun-16, 23:25   #2
Joined: Jun '13
Location: Canada
Age: 76 (M)
Posts: 3700
ITM in 44% of 69 MTT is quite an achievement congratulations and a $100.00 profit with low buy in should be a good ROI.

But not 100% satisfied should do better. Playing multi tables is very hard to concentrate in a particular but i know you will be never satisfied unless you win them all.

Which is almost impossible. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

  1-Jun-16, 23:35   #3
Joined: May '12
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 2063
I don't expect to win them all... just the ones I final table Tongue

But seriously, very happy with volume and results. Profit was actually closer to $150 today with ROI of over 400% so nothing to complain about.

I will be on Twitch again all day tomorrow, then will do a special birthday celebration twitch on Friday.... where I'll turn the volume up and do a little commentary.... or maybe just put some music on and sinh along like a lunatic.... who knows? Depends how I feel Smile

  2-Jun-16, 07:52   #4
Joined: Feb '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 55 (M)
Posts: 5643
That's some seriously grinding out at tournaments yout85. I really should find time to play more often and to start increasing my spread of games. I seriously hope your efforts continue to pay off for you. That is a pretty good return on your investment for a day's work. Good luck as the year goes on. Keep us posted.

  2-Jun-16, 08:14   #5
Joined: Feb '13
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 44 (F)
Posts: 2368
haha nice results

I will watch on twitch tomorrow after work

  2-Jun-16, 08:57   #6
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 51 (M)
Posts: 7371
Another very good day for you and you should be very proud of achieving such an impressive sequence of results. I find it amazing that you can play so many tournaments in one day, my concentration levels are way too low to do this. Congrats again to you

  2-Jun-16, 19:32   #7
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 43 (F)
Posts: 14099
The amount of tournaments you are playing is just amazing for me.
I dont think i ever got that many in a week, not in a day.
The profit you have made for one day is a very good one.
You can be considered a professional, if you are winning that many in daily basis Smile Thumbs Up

BankrollMob Forum » Blogs » A busy day

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