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69 mtt tournaments played today... that's a new volume record for me on 888.

Somehow managed to cash in 44% (forty-four!)

Over $100 profit too, but I'm never truly happy with the outcome. Could always be that bit better. 3 final tables that I couldn't see through to 1st places... always annoys me.

I guess 3-figure profit isn't bad considering average buy in is around $0.55 Smile

Years graph attached.... 499 out of the 700ish games played were all in May, so it's not really representitive of 5 months of play.

Attached ImagesScreenshot_2016-06-01-23-26-33

ITM in 44% of 69 MTT is quite an achievement congratulations and a $100.00 profit with low buy in should be a good ROI.

But not 100% satisfied should do better. Playing multi tables is very hard to concentrate in a particular but i know you will be never satisfied unless you win them all.

Which is almost impossible. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I don't expect to win them all... just the ones I final table Tongue

But seriously, very happy with volume and results. Profit was actually closer to $150 today with ROI of over 400% so nothing to complain about.

I will be on Twitch again all day tomorrow, then will do a special birthday celebration twitch on Friday.... where I'll turn the volume up and do a little commentary.... or maybe just put some music on and sinh along like a lunatic.... who knows? Depends how I feel Smile

That's some seriously grinding out at tournaments yout85. I really should find time to play more often and to start increasing my spread of games. I seriously hope your efforts continue to pay off for you. That is a pretty good return on your investment for a day's work. Good luck as the year goes on. Keep us posted.

haha nice results

I will watch on twitch tomorrow after work

Another very good day for you and you should be very proud of achieving such an impressive sequence of results. I find it amazing that you can play so many tournaments in one day, my concentration levels are way too low to do this. Congrats again to you

The amount of tournaments you are playing is just amazing for me.
I dont think i ever got that many in a week, not in a day.
The profit you have made for one day is a very good one.
You can be considered a professional, if you are winning that many in daily basis Smile Thumbs Up

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