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Was playing the final tournament last night to qualify for the 100K live event in New Jersey. It was a must win for Canada vs Venezuala as the other match Mexico vs Costa Rica did not mean anything for Costa Rica as they were already out with two losses and most players were sitting easy win for Mexico. I did my part collecting 11 bounties and finishing 1st overall for Canada with most knockouts. Again ShitStars offering .01 bounties in these matches creating no action if there was a $5 bounty per player Costa Rica probably would show up Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Aww crap! Aww crap!

I dont get the frustration dude, its coz i dont get the format of the tournament, but it sounds like a lot of effort for next to nothing gain, or mb if costa rica was playing u would have got there? sorry bro, once more i dont understand the format, but i share your grief and pain, hope u make it again good on the next one Big Smile Thumbs Up

The format is the same as the upcoming Euro Cup every team plays three times 50vs50 players within the group. The winning team is the one with the most knockouts then the top two teams in each group and top five players with most bounties play in New Jersey for a share of 100K in team prizes. It was worth a shot qualifying was cheap buyin at .11 and $1 for top 50 player Country matches. The reason why Canada did not qualify was the one tie losing last match vs Venezuala and Mexico having easy match with Costa Rica with a lot of players sitting out and winning the tiebreak with more bounties.

In such promotions, you can do your best in every game and still get nothing out of it,
since other players can drag you down. But also other reasons like the one you described
with Costa Rica.
When you are participating in tournaments like this, make sure you are going to play.
Otherwise you are playing against your team. Smile

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