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just seen on 888poker...

$100k first depositer freeroll (first 10 players get a ticket to the $100k freeroll)

so if you didnt register with 888 yet, now its the time.

well,how did yout85 had problems with them,I dont think that they will see my money at their site!they can decide whatever they want and they are always right!so after lots of problems with them,I will stay far from them!but good luck to everybody who wants to take this promotion!

i did not entirely read his thread. he played casino spins or something? always problems with that s**t, not only 888.
softwarefailure can always happen, dont think they do it on purpose.


received a package of $ 12,500 trip to vegas free spin then he followed the mail that was a mistake , made ​​a screenshot so he did not get anything any compensation , I think it was such a situation we all congratulated him , later wrote that he did not receive anything What a disappointment Angry

I believe the problem yout85 had, has nothing to do with this promotion.
There, there was a "space for manipulation", but this cant happen in tournaments,
or other promotions that dont use such a feature.
And if you havent noticed yout85, has already said that no matter what, will keep playing there Smile

888poker was one of the first pokerrooms. they are for years in the business. if they betray their customer, the net would be filled with complaints.
it makes no sense imo. they do want players to go to vegas to advertise their site. i bet it was just a softwarefailure, with a bad outcome for youth.
surely there´s here and there some s**t going on, the world can be sometimes a bad place, this case i doubt it.
nevertheless, at least they should give him some tourny tickets or something...

as it does not belong to the soul I have to ... 888 Poker a lot of people play freerolls and should be of great luck and skill to take out there even be places at the final table ... spent a lot of time and the result is very miserable ... at least in I wa I can just bad play multi-table tournaments ... even though he was at the final table more than once in the tournament with the number of people 3000-7000


well I remember it was so like I said the package received $ 12,500 , I congratulated thinking he got a ticket for the tournament but he told me that this is a package trip to Vegas , then he received mail that was a mistake , any compensation did not receive

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