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Man "Bets" Wife On Cricket Match & Loses

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Posted on 07 June 2016 by "T".
Kanpur, India - A man bizarrely put his wife at stake in a gambling game concerning the Indian Premier League (IPL) and lost her. Ravinder Singh, resident of Govindnagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, who was reported to have recently lost all his money in the share markets, opted to put his wife Jasmeet Kaur, as leverage for a precarious bet on an Indian Premier League match. Kaur only found out what h[...]   Read more » Man "Bets" Wife On Cricket Match & Loses

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Note to self: Self, never use this bookie!

Wow that was a win-win betting strategy.

Smart bettor if you ask me

Missing information:
1) What was the odds of the bet?
2) What was the supposed payout?
3) Was he going to be paid in wives or money?
4) If payout was in money then how did the bookmaker assess the bet value?

These are the things i need to know.
And finally to say he lost is an exaggeration. He is probably better off now and so is she.

That is what one could call a risk free bet.

I wonder.... Given all of the frivolity surrounding this matter... Exactly what value or price was levied on the head of the wife..... I am sure that Jasmeet.... And no doubt her father would have liked to have seen the value quite high.... But then again, I wonder what her family think of this ...and what happened to her now?


G'day mates

Well I for one feel really bad for this poor women.
She is in India were many still view women as mere property.
I am willing to have her come and serve me as my personal wife next Smile
Provided of course her family is going to provide my with a generous dowry Blink

The Dowry system (Hindi: दहेज, Dahēj) refers to the durable goods, cash, and real or movable property that the bride's family gives to the bridegroom, his parents, or his relatives as a condition of the marriage.

I like cash, gold, and or pure silver.

I am just kidding people. I really do feel bad for this women.

I would bet my other half if I could.

I am thinking a bet of Iceland to win the euros might be enough for me to finally get rid of him!

G'day IceQueenAce

I would be willing to take your other half provided that his dowry is large enough Blink
I will put him to work on the street corner if he is attractive enough.

Pimpin' ain't easy LOL

Just kidding ICQ hope you are having a great day.

Ronin Cool

Super safe bet for you to get rid would be either Northern Ireland to win the Euros or Scotland to qualify for any major tournament in the next 20years! I'm Scottish so I'm allowed to make fun of my national team...

ha ha ha interesting news and funny .. in India of course is possible every stupid idea works ... this is India and it is possible to do anything interesting .. and if he put his wife on the rate of 1.5 to win? give him his wife back and disabled women with a body half or dwarf?

This guy sounds like a real keeper (not)!!! These guys bet huge amounts on the Indian Premier League but i never thought this would happen. She is better off without him and good riddance i say

great bet dude... i would consider taking this on, only if his wife was good looking and had nice melons, i would offer my stinky guinea pig if i lost the bet plus a master-course in shares trading by the one and only stock guru pochui. sure guinea pig would be a bigger attraction, but what the hell...

It is shocking - but a relief that the lady was not molested or gang raped. The culprit must be sent to jail and the lady be given an honorable separation - this guy is a complete failure and must be separated from the lady. If not done, this will happen again and again.

I agree with you indianace I also find this is a horrible situation and this man done a very bad thing, there are situations when wife is not the best and man and his wife have problems, but he still has no right to place a her as part of the bet.

Posted by magatt966:
Wow that was a win-win betting strategy.

Smart bettor if you ask me


Posted by IndianAce1:
... this guy is a complete failure and must be separated from the lady. If not done, this will happen again and again.

Then sooner or later this fella gonna win either way Big Smile Either by getting rid of her or by actually winning.

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