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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners but this week i don't see any forum reg. I played it but i was watching te Formula One race at the same time which is not a very good idea. This is an excuse for my bad play. Big Smile Big Smile

There is always a next week.

missing the results but it was not a great show for the forum regs....lets kick it up next week mobsters.... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

It was goign to be a great showing by a regular until he threw most of his chips away while not paying attention. i was sitting in top 4 for majority of first hour or so and then something got into me with K 7 of all hands and couldn't recover after losing big chuck of chips.

Had alot of fun and thought it was going to be my day. The moral of my story is never mix women and poker together. BOOBS will always win.

Congratulations to the winners which we dont know who they are.
Besides not winning pinotte you forgot to upload the screenshot also.
This show how much you were into the formula 1 race Smile

This reminded me, of Jeff Dunham's Bubba J watching nascar Smile

Well guys, I took down the leaderboard contest and played this afternoon with the $109 ticket. I managed to get taken out by a cannon who just called on the button with 10 4 spades while I had 10 9 diamonds. Both flopped top pair on the flop, I had open-ended straight as well.....couldn't avoid him hitting his 4 on the river to take me out.

I then got to watch him double-up the player who replaced me at the table and be out of the tourney himself in 20 minutes!

This week I didn't really have time to play so I tried a move with 96 suited knowing the aggro maniac would probably call. He 3bet every hand I saw so I figured why not shove over the top Smile

And yup, he thought his A10 was good... Flopped my 9 but then he made a straight runner runner xD

Better luck next week guys

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