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Last night i played a Badugi tournament on PokerStars and managed to make final table withough having one KO.

I had up and down on this table and again no KO until i got HU with the chips leader who had just a little bit over $14.00 in bounties.

Like i said i got HU i had about 20K in chips against his monster stack i though ok i am second until i win one hand and double my stack then i started to think it is possible and it was.

Enclose is a copy of the last hand.

Wow! He had more than 12 times bigger stack... That is some comeback!

Very nice. If you make some effort in studying heads-up you can have a considerable edge, because it's the type of play most MTT players are least familiar with. Thumbs Up

I bet he wasn't too happy with 2nd place...

I just can't understand his HU play he was so passive and was folding on my raise almost every time maybe he was tired don't know. Question Question


haha if you played against me, they would beat me and I after 3-4 hours of play slowly let the opponents can not stand more to sit but I'm starting to stand that I walk around the room , suddenly something hit me in my head go all in with bad cards , finish the tournament on the 2 place

Good run at perfect time, thats all it takes to turn thing around, but congratz man, on making it to the FT, and dont beat yourself bout the bounties that much, i know u are same player as me, when u push all in, everyone folds Big Smile we are our own worst enemy, and that format is really not for us Big Smile to make bounties u have to risk a lot, thats why he had that big of a stack compared to you, all in all GG man

congrats dude with a cool victory! I tried to play Badugi tournament "8 games." the game certainly more than many other poker games depend on chance. so your tournament winnings to more luck. or maybe I just do not understand very well this game .I prefer as many No-Limit Hold'em

Congrats for the winner Big Smile
I do not really like to play Omaha, more prefer Hold'em because it simpler. Omaha is a game where it takes a lot of luck to obtain anything.
Also, PokerStars is one of my poker game where you do not like to play anything because they have too many players and it is very difficult to get anything because pto has many players who play very crazy.

Another nice result you got there. And it was a close one. That K the other player had saved you Smile
As i have said you have probably found your "game".
When you like a specific game and you are also winning money often, then there is no better
combination. Keep building that bankroll.

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