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Anyone cashing out on 888... NEVER request the cash out in your own currency. ALWAYS go for USD.

If you cash out in any currency other than USD, 888 charge their exchange rate... which is 6%! I just cashed out in USD and got charged my banks exchange rate of 1.5%....

Huge, huge difference.... don't let them rob you.

thanks for the details, I cashed out $500 at ps and via skrill and got 420 euros , so I think ps does not do that.

Also never use a bonus at 888, the wagering requirements are just crazy, and your bonus amount gets bigger when you win more, so you need to wager more bonus money what is actually your own money.

so when you deposit at 888, only do that when you get tickets, NOT FOR BONUS MONEY. like i said the wagering requirements are ridiculous!!!!

Well I've only ever deposited on 888 once for around $15.... hopefully never need to ever again.

Took me a fair few hundred dollars of withdrawals before I noticed this "discrepancy" in the percentages. Cost me a lot of money already... hoping me pointing it out can stop the same happening to others.

ive got € currency on paypal. so if i cash out in $ at 888, paypal is gonna take a fee of 5% i think (dont know exactly how much, gotta check). all other e-banks take aswell a fee.
so no matter what you do, either 888 or the e-bank earn on you.
thats why i always try to have everywhere the same currency, but 888 has only $.

Well I doubt anyone will charge more than 6% Teddy Smile

I really don't know how they're allowed to get away with offering a service, ONLY in a currency from a country who's residents aren't allowed to use that service... then charge an exchange rate to convert to and from USD! Makes absolutely no sense to me.

6% was a bit shocking. thats more than they take rake.
yes, its a shame they dont offer other currency than dollars. so many european players on 888...

This is with no doubt the highest fee i have ever seen.
Never understood why it is the poker sites that do the conversion.
Just use whatever currency you have in your poker site and let your online wallet or bank
to charge for the fx rate.

I once withdraw by mistake in romanian currency instead in $. And the amount was shorter. I use Credit card for 888. so There was a fee from 888 and also a fee from my bank. On other sites, i use Skrill. They have fix fee, 2.99 euros any amount if i remember correctly. There is a charge when you deposit on them, 1-2%.

Have a nice day / night and GL.

thanks for this info!beacuse I have ticket for their 500 $ freeroll,which we have at this BRM euro calendar,so we must play it and if I get something,its good to know what is best option for withdrawing money!will see how 888 software doing and will be some mistakes in play!

qzmag i think you are mistaken. I really doubt it is a 2.99 euro fee for any amount Smile
I think its 2.99 %. And if i remember right, this is the minimum.
Depending on the amount you are transferring.
There is no company that would add a standard amount of money for fx conversion.
That would have been a loss for them, in most cases.

chill dudes- in my universe there are no headaches about how big is the currency exchange fee when i'm withdrawing, how to save a percent her or there and i can tell you lovely mobbits out there why it is so- i don't have to worry about withdrawals at all, i just deposit and lose everything.

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