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Thank You BRM! Back To The Grind !!  0   
Thanks you BRM and PartyPoker for the leaderboard winnings being deposited and within reasonable time frame as well, 2 weeks is really not too long too wait, is it boys ?

Any ways back to the grind today and just passed the first break of my first MTT and loooky looky who's kicking ass and taking names? yeah that's right it's your boy TheIrish77!

Sitting 1/130 remaining and with more thasn 113K Chip lead on 2nd place.

Wish me luck as go for the title!

Just hit the 2nd break and things have started unravelling quickly Sad

2 key hands have shortened my stack and I am now 26/47 with top 36 getting paid out for this tournament. 1st hand my pocket Queens against pocket Kings dry board for both with J high board and lost about 75 K from stack and just before break my AK vs JJ he hit trips on flop for another 71K loss. need to just hold it together and grab some good cards and hope the gods favour me down the stretch.

I should cash if I can hold it together.

Just got ousted in 22nd : ( for a whopping 2.81$. So I made 1.81$ F-me things just didn't hold up like I would have liked. That's poker as they say.

Maybe make another run later on on one the Flyweight tournies.

Later y'all

Edited by TheIrish77 (16 June 2016 @ 22:29 GMT)

at least you tried, well done anyway!

Yeah of course it is very disappointing to be a leader ... and suddenly a few games to finish the tournament at 22 place ... very disappointing ... but do not worry dude this is not your last tournament ... hope for the future victories and they will come

I don't think that you should be too disappointed with your finish. You just seemed to get very unlucky at crucial times and, on another day, you could have easily gone very close to winning this tournament.

IIRRRIIIIISSSSHHHHHHH the man the myth the legeeeeeeeeeeeeend, keep grinding those tourneys mate, but also, once u are in the chip lead take it easy bro, not every hand is a winninh one, once u r up the next thing u are down, so take care of your chips buddy, dont make it easy come easy gone Big Smile

It may didnt end up they way you wanted, but you still got paid from it Smile
And you are doing good lately in tournaments, so a smaller payment doesnt hurt.
You will hit some higher winnings pretty soon Thumbs Up

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