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Playing the PSO late last night and made a crazy deep run and made the Final Table!!!!

Wasn't the chip leader entering the final 9 but quickly was able to turn a couple of monsters into a monster chip stack.

The biggest hand being my pocket KK vs AQ. Flop came Q Q T we trade back and forths until we both get it in after the flop, to my surprise he had the trips and bricked the turn an then whammo the 3rd King hits and I boat up to take out one of my victims.

I got to heads up with a massive 6:1 chip lead and was 1 card away form the victory but my opponent hit a flush on the river to take chip lead and form there some really unlucky flops and I was gone shortly after that.

Thought I had another title under my belt but I guess 1.16$ for free is not too bad even though the time put in was ridiculous.

Well good luck today my fellow Mobsters and may the gods be on your side!

TheIrish out!

Edited by TheIrish77 (20 June 2016 @ 14:37 GMT)

Very nice achievement finishing second in this tournament is not an easy task five hours for $1.16
yes it is free money.

However the money is not in these tournaments but in the leaderboard IMO if you don't play them regularly in order to collect from the board then it is not worth taking so much time once in a while for little money. Agree Agree

this man is the definition of grind

I am f4cking frustrated for 5 days if I almost cash in that s**t or whatever mini mini micro tournament

you got some patience and I don't know how your play style is, but I hope you will still learn new stuff about poker. There are always new things to learn. Good luck and stay on that GRIND!

Well sorry irish but i cant say again the legeeeeeens line Big Smile this is just too much Big Smile be more like us, have a losing week like everyone of us, so we can feel a bit sorry for you, so when u win another mtt we would cheer you like u took down the sunday million Big Smile this winnings are a bit too much Big Smile
ahhh just kidding, get`em bro keep piling that money Big Smile Thumbs Up

congrats dude is certainly a very large and successful achievement of the second place in such a big tournament ... the more freerolls a lot of players play quite crazy and go Allyn as soon as possible .. Of course these tournaments is a good workout before the game to cash tournaments. .. although there opponents played a little differently ... good luck in the future and hopefully to me too Big Smile

You seem to be making a lot of final tables and you must be playing really well, so many congratulations to you. Your concentration levels are a lot higher than mine to be able to play so many tournaments

Congratulayions for your win. A very nice finish with so many entrants. The payout for the position was lousy though. But better than nothing.
You can consider this one a victory due to the amount of players.
Better luck next time.

Nice one. Lots of good results from you lately... Well done!

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