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Anyone playing this?

I did the calcs, 30,000 hands for $150 at level one on the cash, min stakes .10/.05 is 600 a day. One hour with 4 tables open is totally doable to achieve that and I have the cash from all the promos they are running so may well give it a shot.

SNG's, $10 minimum. 400 games for $100 is 8 a day is easy too. I just don't know if my BR will handle it. May have a go at that.

I won't decide until tomorrow.

The cash one is more appealing, I will play a few hands now and see how tough it is.

I will keep this open and if I decide to play it, I will run a blog.
Having two weeks in August is appealing, I can hammer quite a few hands once we break up from school.

I'm intrigued...... seems like a nice promotion.

In terms of bankroll requirements, both would need a starting roll of around $500 to be comfortable that a downswing won't kill the challenge.

For the FastForward challenge:

I used to be able to play around 1,200 hands per hour, playing 4 tables of 6-max Zoom on Stars... I think it's reasonable to assume that rate wouldn't quite be attainable on Party... but 200 hands per hour per table seems very achievable. I would adopt a very tight aggressive style, being VERY selective with my pre flop range.... folding suited connectors, small pairs, AT and below etc etc in anything but the button or cut off. Any speculative hands... muck them. I'd aim for a preflop VPIP of around 15% (my usual is ~23%)

250,000 hands in 55 days is around 4,500 per day... so 4 tables at a time is essential in my opinion... and at least 5 or 6 hours per day grinding time would be needed. I doubt with your schedule that the 250k mark is achievable. 100k on the other hand is maybe achievable... if you could find 2 or 3 hours per day, and maybe a little extra on the weekends.

SNG Mission:

3,000 tournaments in 55 days is around 55 per day. I would say the Hero tournies are THE ONLY WAY to go here... on average, they take around 6 minutes, so 10 per hour one-tabling or just a couple of hours per day four-tabling will achieve it.

I would suggest trying to focus on one or the other... the rewards increase exponentially, so you'd be better off devoting your time to reach a higher level on one, than low levels on both.

I'd personally love to give both a go at the same time....

I agree looking at it now, the 250k isn't achievable.
I think I need to play as many as possible during week, more at weekends and I should be able to hit the 100k hands mark. I will aim to get the 60k hands as quickly as possible and then decide if profit/loss is worth almost full-timing in the last three weeks of the promo when school finishes.
I would say I can at the minimum break even, and that $600 is more than my target profit atm, and once we add in points bonus' etc, we are even further ahead.
My style is normally to minimum buyin, which atm is $3 per table for an outlay of $3. This works for me (though as you know I am always up for taking advice).

I am going to give the sng one a miss, I don't like the $10 min buyin.

If you decide to do both, don't forget you have to pause one to do the next one, you can't do both at the same time.

YESSS very very nice promotion!!!Cash mision is much ok then sng hero you need big roll for sng for cash it different story....
Just start it and make little test for you all 15min off playing 2 table fast forward and i play 211 hand
yep like yout85 say its simple tight your range if you roll is small you can sit with 3$ per table dont need to make full buy in off 10$

One thing I would say Ice, is that I know most regs will automatically mark anyone who isn't sitting with a full stack as a recreational player, and will alter their play vs you accordingly. As long as you know who the regs are... and how they'll adjust against you... then you're good. If yu don't know, you may get pushed around by the regs, and think you're being pushed around when you're actually not by the recs. It adds far too many more possibilities on every single hand, that I think it's hugely beneficial to sit with a full stack and eliminate these complications.

Also, every time you sit at a table you should be looking to play good poker. If you're playing good poker, it's in your favour to have as big a stack as possible.

Yeah I totally agree with you. But I pretty much suck at big stack play, I end up getting too loose. I will force myself to play tighter. Low stack I play a all in or fold kind of game, which seems to work for me.
I will start with $3 and move up to full stack asap, but need to do that on the days I can properly concentrate. Shove or fold is easier when I have Hollie, maybe full stack when it is the evening and she is in bed.
If I can make profit from the play, that's all the more I can add to the kitty when the bonus cash is added. I have played for about an hour, four tabling and cleared 800 hands, my aim I think needs to be 2.5 hours a day, knowing that on the 'school days' if I am too tired and play less hands, I can pick up more hands come weekends and that all important final three weeks.

So in short, of course you are right about full stack play and I will make the effort to play full stack, when I can, but sometimes min buyin will have to be ok.

Dropped 10 buyins in first 1500 hands. Genius.

I do beat fast forward games and I am not worried but it always nicer to go ten buyins up rather than down at the start Tongue

Edited by IceQueenAce (20 June 2016 @ 18:20 GMT)

I think, u still need a good BR to handle the swings just in case they happen, but then again if u win lets say 70% of the games u play, i think your BR will be fine and youll have no problem getting to the goal of, what was it, 100K hands? donno what ever it was, i even think youll do fine with winning 60% of the games u play.

Excellent promotion of the best poker site. All promotions that have can not be compared, and no poker, as you have PokerParty. This promotion will try to follow this month if I'm able.
Also I like their bonus to the sport, that is if you play ticket 5e and fall ticket in return you get 5e at poker that you can use to tournaments or STNG tournaments.

In the dirt you dig chips.
Turn them and ponder.

Weed chard. Forms
morph like clouds.

At lunch, you write down
how in this jungle

a gem-backed toad startled
and hopped away

how June tiger lilies trumpet the sun.
In the bean patch brown spiders,

egg sacs on their backs.
Toddling through shadows,

sturdy, wobbling,
fragile, pregnant as summer is


enjoy your grind!

Good luck to you in whatever promotion you try. I take my hat off to people who can play so many hands of poker. I know i could never play for so long so extra kudos to you for even attempting such a feat

Decided I'm gonna go for the 250,000 Fast Forward hands... Get that done as soon as I can, then have a run at the SNG one... see how far I can get through that.

I know I can comfortably do 10,000 hands per day - so hoping to finish that in the first half, then move on to the Hero SNGs for the second half. Pretty confident I can comfortably do both.

Tomorrow, I'll deposit $50 and make a start... hopefully no downswing to start off, then no further deposits will be needed to complete everything.... But will keep on depositing $50 until it's complete.

The worst possible downswing I can foresee would be $400 or $500... so the end rewards FAR outweigh the cost of succeeding... but as I said, hopefully $50 will be the only outlay.

Looking forward to getting going Thumbs Up

Love it, good luck!

Sounds like a nice promotion, but i think it needs to much time per day. But i take a look and perhaps i try it some days. But i´m not sure, is this promotion only for Players from great britain or for all Players?

I saw the promo rules and i´m thinking, 100.000 are possible to play Thumbs Up

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I've been away and haven't seen this promo yet, other than what you have posted here. Any way, good luck to both IceQueenAce and yout85 in your attempts at this challenge, and of course anyone else from the BRM regulars who decide to give this a go. I think I need to get online on my PC and see what's going down!

The share seems not real. But it is possible. I grazed for it. Now summer, heat, sea and heap of other pleasures... And to sit and kill the time for such number of hands - it is similar to fanaticism. Good luck...

I think I also will be in, but I first want to complete my pocket pair mission for 25 dollars if I remember it correctly.

To bad you can't start these missions at the same time.

In my pocket pair mission I have to get a pockets of 8's and play it to showdown. I am sure I did this and send a screenshot to support, they said they will register it, But It still have to finish my pocket 8's task. so sometimes PP doesn't register certain hands and your mission takes longer. I like the software though.

I agree about the full stack on tables. You can even see it clearly on small blinds too how
they are playing against minimum buy ins, which includes myself too. Smile
They are doing huge raises to put you all in, so your choices are two there Smile

Anyway all the best with the new promotion.

I am now at 1000/30000 hands at the fastGrind Mission

So basically this is doable IF you win or play even, but like Mober says: "They are doing huge raises to put you all in, so your choices are two there"

Also when you wait for good hands you tend to bleed, so the improve your poker game and quit with profit, cause it is easy to make a mistake.

a nice big bankroll would work as well Shock

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