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This message is just confirm that we have received your claim for the prize that you won in our Mob Calendar.

Prize won: Bet Mira: $5 Free Bet for sportsbetting

Please allow a few weeks for the prize to be issued. Questions regarding claim status, for prizes won during December, will not be answered until after January 15th, so please do not contact BankrollMob Support until then.
I won a prize but why write December , these are $ 5 prize for sports betting Confused

Not exactly understand what you are saying there.
You have won in brm doors obviously, but the months do not look like they are correct to me. Smile
Maybe they have forgotten to make the changes.
It looks like the text is from the Christmas calendar Smile
I believe you are gonna get it on time.

This message was sent to me from BankrollMob , yesterday I won uprising me that it says December

lol, when I won it I got the same message,

Vaci, I think this is just a default automatic response, the same kind of promotion they have during Christmas calendar.

I still didn't receive it, but I am sure it will come, you will get a mail/mobmail about that I guess.

Good luck with your bets!

If you look at the prize list of the doors you will see that this $5.00 free bet is a donation of Mira bet.

So if you go on Mira maybe you will find that your prize is already there. Cost nothing to try. Smile

thank you guys , but there is still a problem haha I can not see if the reward on may account because I have forgotten password , now need to ask them to send me password Aww crap!

It says:

"for prizes won during December, will not be answered until after January 15th"

You did not win your prize during December, so the sentence does not apply to you Smile

he,he,vaci38 you are king Big Smile !like fat tony says,this sentence explain everything!if you won during december!same message I had when I won 888 ticket for 500 $ freeroll!maybe you didnt read good and didnt understand meaning of this!good luck with this 5 free!


I got this by opening the door , I do not know I have not got some kind of award ,confused me that it says December , it does not matter I'll see when I find out the password for poker mira, I need to contact their live support , or to write a mail

Dont they have an automated password recovery form?
It is a pain when you have to ask for it from support. Takes too long, depending on how often
they respond to the incoming mails.
Get a piece of paper and write down all your passwords. Not that difficult Smile


Thanks for the advice neighbor , I had written all passwords on paper , and the mobile phone , but I do not know what I've done wrong I must have written wrong password , I'll see the prize is great $ 5 for betting , if triple gonna be great Big Smile

I was thinking once to put all my passwords in my phone too.
But it is too risky. It is more likely to lose your phone, than your computer, so if you wanna
store them better pick the pc.
As for the paper, it is the best solution for me. But i have to admit, that in the past threw away
the paper while cleaning Smile It was a pain recovering all the passwords.


Poker table regularly visit and play I remember my passwords , but the problem is where I do not play regularly , I have to admit that the poker mira I have not played yet when I registered , I got a bonus $ 5 I lost them since then I have not visited this poker site Question

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