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THIS IS A WARNING: (for new players and fools like me!)

Sometimes you want more and when you are going to make a deposit you want some bonus.

A lot sites offer a deposit bonus, but you have to wager it a ridiculous amount plus you only get like 2 weeks/month.

The terms and conditions do not make it clear that when you deposit for example 50 and you get 50% extra (so $75 total), what the exact wagering bonus/realmoney percentage change is going to take place. Har to explain butl when you win and lose in casino (where you must wager it) it will also somehow alter your "bonus" amount and make your real dollars less, so you can't play poker with that.

An example:

I made a deposit with bonus code on PP. the terms and conditions say it must be wagered in casino, my idea is: no worry, I want to spend free money in a casino(not gonna touch my poker money) BUT.

I deposit 60, get 90. I play some, somehow, my money I already had on the account before the deposit is getting less and my bonus money wager sheit is getting more, So I get less and less dollars when I can play poker with. this is really annoying.

Don't play poker on an account where you have some weird wicked wager requirement. it will mess your head, it will mess your bankroll.

TOO LONG? DIDN'T READ! : Don't deposit with a casino bonus code if you want a serious poker bankroll, because your bankroll turns in to casino wager credits.

i wouldnt play casino at all. maybe you win here and there a bit, but you definatly will lose more than you win. but if someone wants to gamble for fun - why not.
anyways, i always thought poker and casino-money are seperate?! strange that PP put them together.. on many sites you have the option as far as i know.

I think bonuses are good for good patient poker players, and for Black Jack, as for the other game I dont think its worth it. Maybe baccarat but I dont know anything about baccarat. I recently deposited on a site to play blackjack, but the bonus was only 25% and I was going to deposit 50$ as the tables are 10$ minimum bet it was hella not worth it. My advice is to read in details about bonuses before using them. "Withdrawing" being usually the problem with bonuses.

I just messed up the threads Blink

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