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Jovicakralj's summer grind  +3   
Hi guys and girls! How about a little challenge?

For you that dont know who I am you can find me on sharkscope as acivoj pfc. Recently I found out about Party poker "summer of grind" promotion (this would be good place for admin to edit post and add referral links I guess?) and since I'm planing to practice some cash games I thought I could give it a go. WARNING: every fucking challenge I did here was fucking fail. So if you don't want to lose your time reading what will most likely be another unfinished challenge please stop reading. Big Smile
Kidding aside, this time I will try to go trough with it. Reason why I'm doing this here is simple. This is only forum I was active in. It would help if you guys show some interest, that would give me some motive to push harder and if I manage to show long run profit I may make some videos or something.

Now about challenge. I have until August 14th to play 250 000 Shock Question Confused hands of fastfarward (zoom). I'm going to play 0.05/0.10$ fastfarward poker. Deposited 200$ (20 buy ins) which I think is enough. Will try to play 4 tables at time. Prize for doing this will 1500$+vip sheme $+profits?

Now trouble is that I never have played cash games seriously. I play mostly SnG's so I'm not sure if I will be able to beat game at all. Also, I dont have great work habits and keeping up with working plans is something I'm always struggling with and something I need to improve for sure. I will try to find good pace for posting results and I would appreciate if you earn your 10 points writing relevant stuff in this thread Worship

If I manage to do this I'm probably gonna make small giveaway freeroll for brm members that followed and commented in this thread. I do not promise anything and it will probably be symbolic (as poker is my only source of income) but if this ends with success for sure I'm going to share my happiness with you guys. Maybe some free coaching?

Since I posted this in blogs category I will be able to edit this first post, so probably somewhere under this text you will be able to see overall progress and results.

Hands played: 23 000
Days played: 5
Profit: -165$

Edited by jovicakralj (01 July 2016 @ 21:33 GMT)

gl mate

I am doing the cash one (currently -$100 after 7k hands :/ ) and am aiming for 100k hands. Running bad.

Yout is planning to do both, I don't know how he is getting on.

Will follow with interest

Hey, Ice, I'm doing cash too. SnG would be impossible if you dont play spins, and I'm not into hypers. Feel free to post your own results here. GL

Now this is a very nice thread to improve this forum like i was suggesting you to do yesterday.

This challenge is not an easy one but IMO you are the kind of player that could do it and making a good profit out of this.

I wish you a lot of luck and will surely follow your progress with interest.

Thank you very much for this one and hope it won't be your last and come back with good poker tips. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Sounds like a good read, will be following Blink Ive been thinking about making a blog as well for summer, you gave me little bit motivation to start.. Need to sleep it over tho Big Smile
gl on youre challenge!

The man is back Big Smile well since u only play sng`s kinda like me, its where i make most of the money, and u are not a cash game player, i would really like to see the transition, and mb couple of comments from you about what you changed in your game to adapt to cash game, that would be pretty awesome Big Smile and hope u adjust well so we can have a little "Jovica support group tournament" so we can have our little fun Big Smile

I will read with interest for sure. I hope you'll be posting some hands, and discuss your thought process, if you have the time...

Good luck!

Thanks for interest marqis. Unfortunately its partypoker so no boomplayer hand, well I might find some in HM2 and post it good old way.

Finally an interesting thread Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Just a little suggestion: at the beginning make a couple of session with only two tables to get use to this format (boom cash game) you are not playing everyday, once you are comfortable go forhoe many you feel is profitable.

Well back sir Worship Worship

Good luck Jovice, uz tebe sam! I wish that you will done it! Smile Blink

Good luck to you on your quest and i hope we can read regular updates on here. I do not play a lot of poker, so i find it incredible that you will try and play 250,000 hands of poker in such a little time. Good luck again

interesting challenge yourself dude ... maybe you will have a good summer, and you do what you plan ... in any case, I wish you good luck and I hope to read here about what your dream has come true .... I also sometimes try to do a challenge (not just in poker), and sometimes less than I would like to have it put into practice ... ps good luck not only to you but also everyone else in this forum

well its huge number of hand to play in month and half!but if you play zoom hands,maybe you will do it!you have to play 5555 hand per day!so maybe its not so much when you play zoom and with fewn tables in same time!I think you can do it!good luck!

Here is my first update. I wont do updates every day but I will update progress in first post every day.
I'm still adjusting to software and 4 tabling zoom in general. Probably not playing very good but it will get better with time for sure. My graph shows that all in EV was above expectation. Now, that doesnt show anything since sample size is too small.

Software is way worse then pokerstars as expected but I believe after getting used to it it will be manageable. Also, stakes are little low, find myself not caring enough, and in long run that could be problem.

Attached ImagesResults1.jpg

At a first look seems like you are playing a reallu aggressive style for those stakes.
Also, if there is the option, set your HUD ina way that it shows everything (betsizes, pots, opponents stacks) in terms of BB instead of their $ value: it could be a trick to avoid not paying enough attentions
to your game dicisions due to low value of money involved.

G'day mate

I wish you nothing but success on this challenge.
I will follow along and read the thread hoping to see your continued success.
Truly I believe you can do this.
You are a skilled player and I look forward to reading about you crushing the tables.
Wishing you the very best.
Be cool

Ronin Cool

I hope this one goal will be successful, unlike the other ones you have made so far Smile
It may be fast poker with two tables, but the amount of hands you are talking sounds just
insane to me. Good luck succeeding it, with a very nice profit.

You said that you were not really a cash came player and on the first day 7.5K hands and a small profits IMO is a very good start and should be going up when you adapt to software and cash game.

Again wish you lot of luck and hope to read you soon. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

if you will play like this every day,you will easily come to your goal and 250 000 hands will be played well before last day!as we see,its not huge number for you and if you playd 7500 hand in first day you will kick ass!

So if you were playing 4 tables at once as you said, thats about 1800 hands on each Smile
Thats quite some volume there and with a good result.
If you keep this volume as an average you will finish before your deadline Smile

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