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We have all gone to some lengths in order to play in a poker game, whether live or on line, but to varying degrees of extremity. I browsed the web, to find extreme places that have been used in order to play a game of poker. These included playing a full game whilst hanging over the side of a cliff and of course under water. I wanted to look at not just giving a poker confession to you to read, but also to what lengths people would go to, to play poker.

I Have played in a restaurant during a family birthday, and of course in the bath. No picture uploaded here though! Embarassed I suppose the most extreme for me would be the time I made the final in a satelite for the UK Poker tour, despite having no intention of playing live, I wanted to be able to say "I came first, I got a ticket". Unfortunately for me the last game was set during a hair appointment. So there I was with folis in my hair, and covered in bleach. The other ladies must have thought I was bonkers, especially as I jumped up and down having won the ticket, knocking over the hairdressing stand!

OR the time I was in bed with my partner, and my tablet was under the bed. Having got to a final table, and reluctant to stop the game, I found it was easy to play without him noticing, hanging over the side of the bed, whilst he got on with business . I carried on playing in a tournament at 1 in the morning, trying not to let him see, nor discover what I was actually up to. It was easy to wiggle around and give off the odd moan, letting him think that he had my full attention LOL! Needless to say thank god I did'nt win or I would have had to do some major explaining. Embarassed

Having still not yet played live, I cant say I have yet gone to any real underhand lengths in order to play.

Some will go to extreme lengths in order to continue playing or be able to leave with their winnings intact. A well known player had run out of cash during a cash game. He proceeded to remove an antique clock from a carrier bag, where he promptly sold it in order to be able to continue playing. The same said player along with my partner found themselves playing in Russia. Having won the tournament they stuffed the cash into a carrier bag and left for the airport. Once in the airport they discovered that in order to leave with the cash they would have to fill in countless forms. As they did not believe that they would be able leave with all of their winnings they hailed a taxi and drove for many hours to a neighbouring country and caught a plane back to the UK. NOW thats what I call extreme!

Now this title made me immediately think of the old 70's films, confessions of a window cleaner, etc. Although I believe they never actually made a poker one, more's the shameCry

Now most of you will have tried strip poker, I have'nt, well not poker anyway. After a few drinks, (and before I learnt how to play poker), I used to play other card games. No mater how hard I tried, I could'nt lose, he ended up naked, and all I could manage to lose was my shoes!

The most amusing confession I heard, AND NO NAMES, was the player who had been having a bad run of luck. He had been out drinking all evening, and on returning home decided to play in a tournament with a large payout. Armed with a bottle of whisky he proceeded to play. To his amazement he found himself on the final table and, toasting his good luck with more alcohol, he won! He called up his girlfriend and told her to go out and buy herself the best engagement ring she could find, and put it on her credit card, as he had won an amazing amount of cash.
After sleeping off one hell of a hangover, he logged into his poker account, to find his winnings had not been credited. On calling customer services, shouting that his money had been stolen, they politley informed him his win had been from a play money tournament! Of course he never confessed this fact to his girlfriend, who he did later marry, but borowed the money to clear the credit card!

I hope you enjoyed my Blogg this month! AND thank you for taking the time to read, and if you thought this was a good read please press the thumbs up button.

I will give you a thumbs up.
You've been on a night out with a couple of friends, had a good time and a "couple" of drinks, and now you're back home thinking about what you can do to wind down the night. You notice your computer in the corner and remember that you've still got a bit of money left in your poker account.

You've had a little bit more to drink than you expected but no matter, you're in a pretty good frame of mind to outplay some fish and add a little padding to your bankroll to give yourself a nice surprise for when you log into your account in the morning. No monies.

Free chips......... An interesting blog full of interesting stories. I particularly like the one where you are being taken from behind and wriggling occasionally........ Sounds like a normal reaction to me! Maybe if you had won your game things could have got more exciting for both of you. One thing you may wish to consider is that as you appear to be female, change your sexual status on your profile as it currently shows you are male.

hahaha very cheerful story about the guy who won the tournament ... I also sometimes drink alcohol while you play poker, but to confuse tournaments for cash and candy wrappers ??? this never happened to me ... probably because I'm starting to play a little bit ... and sober guy very sorry, very sad mistake ... it would be a lesson for life

Posted by pajalnick:
I also sometimes drink alcohol while you play poker, but to confuse tournaments for cash and candy wrappers ??? this never happened to me ... probably because I'm starting to play a little bit ... and sober guy very sorry, very sad mistake ... it would be a lesson for life

Mixing alcohol with your hobbies is only going to make both of them better as an experience IMO.

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