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Anyone know why the two largest (in my opinion) poker sites in the world, FullTiltPoker and Pokerstars. They are no longer offering freerolls tournaments through the brm?
ended the partnership?

the leaderboards freerolls of these two sites were excellent. a great way to measure our progress in the poker world.

wondered the same thing in my opinion I think it no longer suits them to have both pages or sponsorship was a conflict that I do not get some good agreement between BRM and ps and ft

i hope someday the offer the freerolls again and the leaderboard from pokerstars and full til!

It was a choice from the poker sites, not to host BRM freerolls any more.
Every site do what they think is best for them.
Now why they came up with this decision and what were the actual reasons we will never know.
Just be happy that BRM organizing leader boards in other sites also.

Hello there fellow great mobbits,

There will be more competitors once certain countries allow online gambling.
For example our country online has one official casino and no online official casinos .
So there can emerge a big competitor in a country that yet has to legalize online gambling

In our country you can max earn 449 euro a month(something like this I forgot) with online gambling/certain lotteries etc, or else you have to pay tax.

Agree with Mober Agree that theres no this league this would again b ghost town with few visitors once in a while Big Smile

everything is very simple .... earlier PokerStars freerolls have been quite a lot of them and now there are very few because there are so many people playing and they do not need more advertising ... they already know everything ... but the players are not on the PP very much so they attract players


I disagree. PS always had many freerolls, even though the largest online poker site in the world, they always kept many freerolls for their players. the drastic reduction of freerolls took place earlier this year. It was certainly not due to the number of players to be satisfactory. there must be some other strategy behind it.
maybe, some study they reached the conclusion that the number of freerolls for players who became depositors was so small that it was not worth keeping the freerolls for this purpose.
it is clear that the intention of the main freerolls at any site is this. a free sample of how to play on their site to get the deposit after a certain period.

How i wish they closed down PS instead of FT buddy u have no idea, everything but the software sucks on stars, not to mention after the take over, how many freerolls they killed, u would have expected they would do the opposite, but no, no FREE space for freerolls on those servers of theirs, so now i play PP which i have to say its a bit rough around the edges, but hope one day ill get to love PP as much as i did FT

Remember that PS did not have some juicy and fruitful free-roll system in the last couple years either, they had mid-weekfreerolls to get you into the weekendfreerolls where the prizepool wasn't even something serious. Besides the monthly star-rank tournies the good frees were all password protected ones or ones where you have to had your account linked to a specific site or country.

I banned my self from Poker Stars a long time ago now i use Party Poker better place to play. Full tilt have been my favorite place but since their changed the policy and calcul the amount of deposit in USD is not paying to play there.

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