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Meet The November Nine Of The 2016 WSOP Main Event

On July 9, Saturday, the 2016 World Series of Poker commenced. Overall 6,737 players shelled out the $10,000 entrance fee, thereby creating the biggest field of players since 2011. This 2016 is also the fifth-biggest Main Event in the history of WSOP. Event: World Series of Poker’s $10,000 buy-in No-limit Texas Hold ’em World Championship Duration: July 9 (Sat) to November 2 (Wed) [...]   Read more » Meet The November Nine Of The 2016 WSOP Main Event

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So they have some seasoned pro and some rookie first timer among the final nine as well. Good, diversity never hurts. Also that million dollar could never hurt either. Damn, when I started having interest in poker the first price was around three million...

I like the chip leader there, Cliff Josephy a very well experienced player in the circuit and I have no doubt he'll finish in the top 3 unless the poker god decide the oppose.

Duration: July 9 (Sat) to November 2 (Wed)... great to see such endurance from the players, no wonder they are called poker pro's... it must be tough on one's brain and kidneys to play a tournament which lasts ~3,5 months. at last the end is in sight and players can take their deserved rest afterwards.

It must be a frustrating wait for these nine guys to finish this tournament. I can see why the TV companies would want to build up to the final but i still think they should play it off straight away

Tough final table. Lots of good players.
My money is on Griffin Benger. That guy is a very good player and also very lucky. I guess i will be getting pretty decent odds for him since he is 7th in chips. Hope he takes it down.

Huge congratulations to this year's November Niners! I can't imagine how exhausted they must be after going through excruciating seven-day ordeal.
I am looking forward to checking out WSOP coverage on YouTube.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (22 July 2016 @ 00:55 GMT)

well maybe mr. mobbit tropical has a serious point here, this griffin banger dude could just about bang the whole table and run away with full pockets of dollaros. still i believe this tourney would become even more successful if organizers decided that final table has to be played not 3.5 months later, but 3.5 years later... why not?

Well wait for that big final table in that tournament as big plays, big bluffs grades coolers and expected. Good luck to the finalists.

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