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I spend 800 mob shots and I didnt guess right combination Aww crap! !what to say,not meant to me!cant believe that I cant guess combination for 7 seven years how long I am member here and I never will!right combination is between 100 and 300!I started from 900 and down!then when I come to 300,changed from 000 to 100 and last 100 shots used on 900 to 999!idiot tought that he wouldnt give again between 100 and 300,beacus in last three day it was on 154 and 255!this happen when I think too much!but somehow when I used half of shots,tought that I want guess right number!
so I spend 1 hour for nothing and missed chance to win 40 $!
just to say for everybody who will try to guess,that maybe I missed some number,beacuse you need to click so many times and my eyes start to "hurt"!
as I see now,it would be right that I didnt change strategy and that I continue to guess below 300 and to jump to 000!after 600 used shots I was crazy and didnt know anything!

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... Big Smile< ...ahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH...


...hahhahahahhahhahahhhahaaaaaaa........ Big Smile

... Big Smile< Thank You...! Come Again...! Tongue<

I just don't understand your post demo. You certainly did not try the 200 shots that he did not tried.

This was an easy $40.00 for mober who won it with not to many shot if she started at 100.

I was playing a game when i saw the post and was going to try it after but when i saw your post i just waited instead of sitting out in my game. Confused Confused

It was not meant for you indeed tough hard luck and this remind me of someone else well known here that experienced the same thing as you...

Yes you are fuc ked s**t out of luck ....
I know how you feal now lake last s**t on earth Sad
I trying every day same number and almost year pased and still nothing not even close 10 number up and down to my number still dont came up and i spend about 500+shots for now Aww crap! Aww crap!

well my amigo, i perfectly understand how you feel... if this makes you feel any better, and it should- i too haven't managed to crack that fcukin safe with 800 mob safe shots Big Smile i was collecting them for a looong time and then one day decided to have a go at "guaranteed" money... ah well, vodka saved the day...

Wow, this seems incredible that you didnt hit the combination. 800 shots must have taken you an age to put in and to get nothing out of it at the end must have been flabbergasting. I hope that you get better luck in the future

An 80% chance isn't a 100% chance. So 4 out of 5 times you would be right, but you hit the 20% that left you without the treasures of the safe. Bad luck this time, better luck next time.

what to say,big mistake for me!yes,I didnt have guaranteed win,but like I said after 600 used shots,didnt know what to do and changed tactic and that was bad move!at start knewt that I need to play from 900 till 100 and then I changed when I comed on 300 and started from 000 and that was big mistake!if I continued to play down from 300 I would guess this,but in 2:30 gone grazy and ruined everything!


dule - vu I feel sad Sad that you failed to open the safe , so hope you had in collecting the mob shot at the end you failed , Mober hit the right combination took $ 40
Why did not you started with 001 ?

I knewt at start that I want play combinations 900 and above and 100 and below!and like I said,after 600 shots I was crazy and didnt know what to do and changed strategy!before first shot I looked which number was winning in last 5 combination and in last three was 344,154 and 255 and thats why I started almost from end!now its all over!
at least Mober could say thank you to me,becuse he guessed combination beacuse of me and this thread,where I said on what number should be right combination!

I'm very much sympathy ... 800 attempts and not to guess the code is certainly cool .... when things like this happen you start to think that it's not a code, but simply does not give you a winning site algorithm))) other similar feelings arise and poker game))) and I thought it was unfortunate I))

Ouch that hurt Sad
I know how is it hard to crack the safe, I was spend 500 shot points and didn't guess the code I was been disappointed but You now loose with 800 shot points wow I am sorry I have nothing to say on that. Good luck next time mate.

well first time when I cracked it was around 750-760 shots that I used... I tought same as you that I will not crack it... second time I think it was aroun 650 shots that I spend to crack it... also tought I wouldnt make it... well what to say.. save shots again and try your luck next time... you cannot be unlucky all the time...

Just a heads-up, next time don't make a thread about it - at least not on the same day you blew this many shots...
Nobody will be able to console you properly and you will feel worse after. Nothing can make up to you 4 loosing out on 800 shots.

Does your wrist hurt? That's a lot of clicks. And what about your brain? Lol. I used 100 shots last week and I was bored after 50.

That's pretty crazy though, but we all know from playing poker that 20% chance to lose is a lot Blink

Better luck next time Dule-vu!

Have fun


dule - vu better luck next time , make a good strategy then ,let it be a prize $ 40 or more , you'll get back a lot mobsafe shots and mober nowhere , should write a thank dule - vu Smile

I wanted to help somebody,when I didnt guess combination!after using my shots,was same for me who will get money,so I wanted to everyone who have lots of shots!
@TheMachineQC I was crazy after 600 shots!my eyes didnt blink at all,when you watch at screen one hour!and to click so many numbers,every time change for one number,brain is on fire!
thanks to all for all posts Thumbs Up and not a word from mober!

I'm trying to win this many many many times ... but for some reason I did not get it .... I have a 101 try and be my polduchitsya win ..... not all Thais probably will not work ... I will not attempt to spend the wait More

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