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Since a while beside the freeroll i am just playing progressive KO pot limit Badugi on PokerStars.

This mont when i was playing the open league i took a break from it but now i came back and play one $2.20 tournament a day because there are not many of these games and some interfere with thr freeroll and i don't want to mix HE and Badugi.

I just love this game probably because i have some success. There is not big money to be won since there are not to many peoples playing it but i am slowly building a BR with it.

I enclose result of my ten last game from Poker Pro Labs. Smile Smile Smile

There is no doubt that badugi is your game. I remember some of your past results and you were doing good also.
But your current rankings and payouts are much better i think.
Great results and prize money.
Keep up the good work Thumbs Up

We mobsters are aware how hard you have been working on developing your skills in the game. Your determination to reach your goal has been commendable. You are a good example of how commitment and hard work pay off. Wish you all the best for your future.

PINOTTE... A nice little selection of profit making games on show there sir! It doesn't matter how little money is involved, the most important thing to remember is that playing poker, and indeed any form of gambling, should be fun and you should enjoy doing it. Keep up the good work.... And the enjoyment.

This really has been a lucky tournament for you and to cash in eight out of the ten times you have played is quite phenomenal. I would keep playing in this if i were you because you could make a very nice bank roll

Very impressive! Worship Always nice to see practice pay off.


... Big Smile< WowWeeeeeeee pinotte...!!! You've cashed in 8 of ten games....for a HUGE profit...!!! Very nice...! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

... Big Smile< I probably would have LOST 8 out of ten games,....but then again,...Badugi isn't really my thing...

... Big Smile< Keep rolling up that bankroll pinotte...before long you'll be able to twist up your fatties in $100.00! Cool Thumbs Up

Yes it is an amazing performance. He has made about 100$ profit.
And with these buy ins and profit he can continue adding more to his bankroll,
with more games.
The good thing is that he likes this game (badugi) and not playing it just because he is
profitable on it.


Congratulations mate is obvious that this game is good for you , it does not matter how much money did you make , it is important that you are always in profit , I 've played a few times in the beginning I took some money but then I fell and only lost so I canceled this game

nice winning from 10 played tournaments of this kind of poker!didnt play much badugi in my life,only when I had some freerolls on poker stars of tickets for using this kind of poker and must admit that I forgot rules!
congratz pinotte!

I love this game too and have played a few times this same tournament.
who knows us is there these days.
I wish it had more badugi tournaments in ps, but unfortunately have few people who like this variant of poker, tournaments are also few. Sad Sad

Gratz, that´s really great- 8 of 10 times in the money in the row. Thumbs Up I tried some badugi games in the past for fun and i like this game too, but it seems, this game give you the chance to build a roll with serious playing.

I cant say i like this game. Find it a bot boring.
It is ok when it is a part of these mutli games with different formats.
But playing a whole tournament... Nope cant handle it Smile
On the other hand never had a good result there.
If i had such a performance like pinotte's, my opinion about it would have been different probably Smile

I still like the game very much but it is like any other one my last three tournament were a complete disaster.

Up and down like anything in poker or life. Smile Smile

You have made a good strike with good wins, so losing three games, isnt a disaster.
You will bounce back up again recovering your latest losses.
Your profit is a big one so far, letting you be more loose when playing these, and not
worrying about the outcome that much Smile

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