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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners. This week i don't see any forum reg. in there but again demo not to far from the bubble.
I played it won one very lucky hand but did not hit and was out pretty early.
There is always next week. Big Smile Big Smile

Congratulations to all winners especially to LION_KG for 5th place and 15$ Smile
I played also going nice have 13000 stack on 22 left with blinds 300/600 and spew it all in 2 hands ..
A10 vs KJ and after that A9 vs K8 all in preflop and finished 21st
Better luck next time.... Smile


I do not know which place I finished , I do not know how it is possible this tournament is unlucky for me , not to catch the rhythm that I stay as long as possible in the tournament , never will be at this table Sad Angry Aww crap!

first I was sleeping,when tournament started and was already registered (it was "hard" saturday night and must sleep at sunday afternoon) and started playing from 20:30 CET,so I didnt lose much chips!played good,had more then 4000 chips and then when I fold below 3000 on BB had 8 5 spade,on flop was 10 9 7 with two spade,turn was 3 I think and river was Q,so I didnt get flush,but had straight,he bet small amount,I raised 4 times,he think arround 30 sec and bet all in,I pay and he showed Q 8,bigger straight!didnt expect that!congratz to all!

Yea i dont see any regular either here. I can only see demodawggy 20th.
They took over this one.
This time your smilies were misleading, regarding your result in the tournament Smile
Congratulations to all and better luck next time.

Congratulations to all the people that I recognise.... Even if you are not BankRollMob forum post regulars. Well done demo for not being the bubble boy. It's always better to be the one before the bubble than the bubble, in my honest and truly felt opinion. Good luck everyone for next week ....get in the top places.

A huge congratulations to all the mobsters who managed to get in the money in the tournament and sincere commiserations to those who did not this week.
Best of luck to all those who will be participating in the tournament on the coming Sunday.

Congratulations to all the people who cashed in the weekly freeroll. It was very strange not to see at least one regular forum user in the money but, it is very difficult, to cash in one of these does take a bit of luck

I wanna congratulate all the players, not just the winners! Blink Losers like myself need to be congratulated too! lol

Just kididng I played like s**t, tried many bluffs early and none of them worked. I guess I need to work on my table image. Blink

Good luck next week guys

Does it worth bluffing too much in this tournament?
I mean, the players are not that many, most of them are regulars and it pays good.
So if you know the game play of few of them, along with playing good cards can take you
close to the money easy. Or am i wrong? Smile

I know that, I usually play pretty tight too but it's important to mix it up to not be too easily predictable. I have finished first twice and second twice playing this way so I think it's ok. Bluffs just don't work when your opponents hit all the time... Big Smile

see you on the tables Mober Smile


I realized that in this tournament you have to wait many strong cards such as the AA, A K , only with these cards can have a winning hand , how many times I try to get to the weaker cards immediately makes me out of the tournament Aww crap! Angry

in last couple of freerolls,we have payout for 18 players,so its bit easier for players to take some money!before we had arround 70 players and payout is only for 13 players and then when it come to 18 players,blinds eat you and lost 2,3 hours of playing without mistake,only beacuse you dont cards!but its very good tourney!

When you have a tournament with about 70 players as you are saying, even 10 paying positions
are good. And that because it is a weekly tournament, giving you more chances to adjust,
and try for the top in each game.
If you cant make it this time, you will in another one, no doubt about this.
So far, i think it is the best tournament for BRM members.

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