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Week 4 Euro 2016  0   
No received 750 points!

& Waiting for 30€ bet365 on overall leaderboard winning!!!

Anyone know why???


angela merkel took your winning for taxes Big Smile !he,he joking,dont know where is problem,but as I know all of us got points few days after leaderboard finished,but for freebets dont know!check your account and see transactions and number of points!
and somebody will answer you here,from BRM stuff!

I won tickets and mobpoints at weeks 2, 3 and in the overall standings and received everything that was promised. excellent promotion.
only a few tickets that took a little longer, but my problem that was solved with the administration of brm very efficient and helpful way.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Ha ha!!! Thanks for your reply... I already take the points before except week 4 and the 30€ bet365 ...

well i received everything i had to receive plus for no reason at all i received 750 points
& 30€ bet from bet365. ah well don't take it to heart dude from greece, some mobbits are just destined for success, no matter how much bullsh1t they unload in forum, and some are destined for complete and utter misery... that's life.

If you still havent got them, you will at some point.
Unfortunately this period things move too slow and it may take some time.
All you have to do is to be patient and it will come your way.

The delay will keep you from betting away the bonus now, with not many good games
to choose from Smile

Well. In addition to Angela merely taking some of your winnings in taxation, the rest of it has depreciated because of the unanimous decision of the Great Brirish public to leave the European Union and the consequent impact that momentous decision has had on the value of the pound...... So be grateful that you won and accept that your winnings is now worth zero drachma.

so you got some prizes,but not all of them?dont understand what exactly you say!its strange that you are maybe only one who didnt get some points or betting voucher!if you are sure that you didnt get and if nobody answer here from BRM stuff,contact them!

Wait for it as i said.
If you havent got it by the end of next week, send a mail to the support from
your personal page here in BRM.
You will get an answer there from support for sure.
If their wifi works in the beach Smile

Solved!!!!!!!!! Cool

so you got everything?nice!like we told you,maybe would be some problems,but you will get everything at some point!maybe only was problem with that free bet at bet365,so problem wasnt with BRM,but its good that everything is your account!

You see. There might be saome delays but at the end it is all good.
Its just another slow period in brm's schedule and not only.
Summer, heat, drinks, how can you move fast ?
Especially when many of the staff are on vacation.

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