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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winner specially to duleVU the only forum reg. who managed to make ITM. Again i played it and started pretty good until i call an all in with A J vs 5 5 and lost the hand later i have 5 5 i shoved called by A J and lost for KO. lost against and lost with. Aww crap! Aww crap!

Congratulations to all the winners and especially to forum regular Dule Vu. The prizes on this freeroll are very good indeed and its well worth winning. I am unable to play on a Sunday but i always look forward to see who's done well in it

My sincere congratulations to those who got in the money in the weekly $200 freeroll at PartyPoker and deep commiserations to those who did not. Wishing the best of luck on all the mobsters who will be entering the tournament on next Sunday.

Hey guys!

Went out early this week too. Managed to win a good pot but then lost 4k chips to a pot-size betting maniac with mid pair who hit trips on river and then I was left with 2k. Then, instead of playing tight like I should, I went super maniac with any suited connectors I saw... but didn't hit any flops and kept getting called Big Smile

GL next week

thanks to all Thumbs Up !at start it was hard,lost almost all chips,was at 500,then in two hands I backed on 3000,then for one hours didnt get anything,had around 2000 and raised to 10000!so everything was good,up and down with chips and then lost on all in at 13. place!had QQ,bet all in,player with 30000 chips pays my all in with 10 10 and he get quads Shock !sick!so would be on final table,but this hands killed me!see you next sunday on tables!

i shoved on the bubble with AK to take down blinds, got called by AT.

I flopped my king but he turned a royal flush, no coming back from that Tongue

Only one familiar face from the regulars here. Congratulations.
Icequeen, with 3.50$ for the last place, i would wait for the bubble to burst first,
if i had the chips. Not like you are getting a couple of cents out of it.
Congratulations to all and better luck next time.

3.50 is nothing, one win is 10 bubbles

Once again I was a no show for this tourney...hopefully in coming weeks I can find the time to join in. Interesting discussion about whether to sit tight on the bubble or go for it. In my opinion, go for it is the only option, as you aren't going to win the tourney by sitting there doing nothing and hoping to min cash.

I think there is an argument for playing soft and waiting for bubble to burst, but I was 19/20 with 18 paying, so in that situation, I absolutely believe (and know) that not shoving is -ev.

I could have done a stop and go, but result would have been the same. I did have enough chips to sit tight, but gotta go for the win.

I think that unless you have a very good starting hand like A A or K K you should play tight with any other hand it is almost a coin flip all the time.

I said it before there is sill poker after the bubble so if you pass it it does not mean that you gone stay there and collect only the last prize.

You could start hitting very good hand and still going very deep for bigger money. Smile

If you were 19/20 and you couldnt make it itm i get it.
But if you had the chips to get paid, why not. You went only to steal the blinds.
And as i said the last place is 3.5 while the first is 40.
Its not like other frerrolls that you get a few cents for it.It is a considerable amount.
When was the last time you won it? Smile

I went to steal blinds, but of course with AK I am happy to be called.

The shove was the right move and I will do it again and again Smile

I can understand that somebody would fold on AK instead to be on bubble position!but if we dont play on that cards,on what to play then?maybe if I watch other tables and to see that we have all in play and that somebody could lose,then to fold and see will I get in prize pool,but it would be hard for me to fold AK!

Well you can do it again and again, it is your call either way. Just hope you wont lose
like this again and again Smile

Watching the rest of the table at this point of the game is a must.
Especially here its too easy since it is either 2 or 3 tables, when down to 20,
depending on how many seats each table has.

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