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Left Casino To Rob Bank So He Could Continue Gambling

The bank teller handed the robber an unspecified amount of money, but surveillance cameras were able to capture footage of his crime. On August 3 (Wednesday), Charleston police escorted Kerry Stephen Johnson (picture), age 52, to Kanawha County Magistrate Court. Johnson is accused of robbing on Tuesday afternoon the City National Bank's branch on Bridge Road. He denied it and told police he was a[...]   Read more » Left Casino To Rob Bank So He Could Continue Gambling

Left Casino To Rob Bank So He Could Continue Gambling  0   
This is like a story from a movie and this guy deserves to go to jail if he did do it. To go rob a bank and then go back and play Blackjack like nothing untoward has happened is staggering

That is what i call determination. No money left? Go to the bank and get new stuff. And it is really like a plot directly out of Hollywood. Only in a movie, the robbers usually act a little bit smarter than that guy here.

Crazy story..... It doesn't even say whether he won at the blackjack table or whether all of the money he took from the bank ended up in the hands of the casino.... Surely it wasn't all stuffed into the sofa...... Any ways...I was wondering which mobster may end up doing something like this? Any suggestions?

This is what i call stupidity, not determination.
And i believe i can say with ease, that it is one of the definitions of it.
Just pack it and go home. I bet he lost the money he got from the bank also Smile
And the funny thing is that he was playing blackjack. You need to be able to think
straight to play this game and win...

Somebody please enlight me with knowledge about what specific advantages someone someone could have with holding his/her spot at a blackjack table...
I mean I get it when you go to the toilet or something you want your seat back, but if you spent six hours there loosing fairly much already it's not like your spot will rapidly become hot as hell and blackjacks will start falling out of the sky all of a sudden.

now there's a creative soul... why bother taking a loan or begging for money your fellow degen gamblers while instead of going to the wc for a quick pee you can head to a nearby bank and take out a non returnable loan, it's a sort of bank's funding scheme for gamblers in need.

People do crazy things when they are desperate. This is one extreme example. It all comes down to ego. No one wants to look cheap. Everyone wants to look good. The reality is no one gives a damn about it.

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BankrollMob Forum » News » Left Casino To Rob Bank So He Could Continue Gambling

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