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Tonight i played a freeroll on 888 and it was going pretty good i was ITM with 19K in chips and i got A K in late position with two all in before me and i decided to go. I hit my ace on the flop and one of the others had Q 8 and the board gave him two more 8. Aww crap! Aww crap!

Later i played a game in the premier league again i was hanging there until i got 5 5 i just limp there was no raise before the flop come with a 5 and a seven one guy bet i raised and was all in got called and he show a pocket 7 . Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Nothing you can do really with those hands with online poker especially freerolls it's allin or fold most times the luck will change next tournament. Blink Thumbs Up

I had it yesterday on a $12 buy in tourney i was going for two hours allready and was still hanging in there for a good result had $24k chips and got AKs middle position guy under the gun raised 2x blind to 2000 i reraised the pot to 7000 he goes allin 22k ik call he skows AQo flop comes nothing turn Q and river nothing Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! i was so pissed! But it happens very often @888 poker

To get one bad beat is painful enough but ,to get two, is just cruel. Ace King can always get beat but the second hand must have been excruciating. Set over set is a very rare occurence and to be on the losing end is painful.

PINOTTE. So what could your do? In the first hand, while many will say shove is a good call, you could consider that AK may just not be good enough to put your tournament life on the line at the relevant stage that you are at. Maybe AA or KK would be better holdings to shove with at that position.

In the second hand.... Why are you limping? You are giving the other guy a free hit at the flop. Then when he gets, have you assessed what he may have and wheth it beats your 55?

So, from being able to do nothing, maybe you could have reconsidered your play and modified what you did and maybe lived for a better hand to hit the top spot!

The first hand in these freeroll on 888 A K is a winner hand most of the time over any pocket pairs if i had been on another site maybe i would not have shoved with this hand but like i said i noticed playing these games every day that AK is a winning hand.

In the second hand even if i had raised my pocket 5 or shove it do you really think that the pocket 7 would have fold. I really don't think so and result would had been the same. Smile Smile

It´s only a game and so it can happen that you loose a good Hand against a bad Player without a plan. It´s verry hard to loose a lot of chips in this situations, and after some hours of playing, but it happend verry often- too often!

Poker is an amazingly exhillirating game and at the same time it is amazingly frustrating. We tend to remember the bad beats more than the times we hand someone else a bad beat. I am sure that we all have at one time or another played a hand we should not have and wind up catching the cards to win. Call it intuition, luck or whatever you want. I have had a gut feeling several times and went for it, some of those times ended up with me catching my cards unfortunately most of the time it results in the "what was I thinking" category. Best of luck on the tables fellow Mobbers

pinotte, with all do respect, I think dude that had the pocket 7s would have folded to an all in bet. it is a mediocher pair, the possibility of a highr pocket pair is pretty good as is the the two over cards. Think of the rolls in reverse... would you have called an all in if he had gone all in? Just curious. The power of that all in is strong in most cases. Allthough we always have to be wary of the donks!!!

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