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Cashed a couple of MTT's already looking for more now!  0   
Hey boys and girls, hope everyone's having a wondeful day whatever you're up to.

Playing some MTT's today and have started pretty well.

Played the 2.20+R Splash on Stars and made a decent run at it finshing in 24th of 602.

Never got a crazy stack but played consistent enough to hold a medium stack most of the way but pushed with about 200k remaining into chip leader and he hit a 5 for the win. Made 28.75$ for my troubles. I did rebuy 4 times so i made about 20$ in profit which isn't horrible for less than three hours of work.

Also cashed a 1.10 right behind it and finished 138/1104 runners. made a 2.41$ for this one.

So far so good it looks like hope to continue a decent start to the day as yesterday was a disaster .

Later friends and hope everyone has some luck on those tables. Aww crap!

When it rains it pours sometimes.

Sititng 1st in a hyper turbo and we just past the registration stage.

I'll be back to update soon or hopefully not to soon!!

well that sucked went out in 133/1182 not bad i guess. profited but when your in 1st it really sucks.

Will be playing a bit more soon and will let you guys know how it goes.

Just cashed another Hyper-Turbo 1.10 $ had 2 bullets in this one so the profit was'nt that great but i'll take any profit from a tournament. 95th/1328 runners again another decent run.

Playing the BRM Daily on PP and we're down to the last 68 and I'm in 16th. Could really use a cash on PP as my account is bone dry atm. I'll be back with an update on this when we have a slow down in action.

Ouch couldn't get away from pocket Kings as Chip leader chased down flush on RIver and I had every opportunity to fold and still have more than 20 k strack. Stupid and it's happened so often this week.

Oh well no cashy for Irish today in the daily. Only 2 cashes overall somehow still in top 10 of leaderboard. Wonder how long that will last.

Edited by TheIrish77 (17 August 2016 @ 20:13 GMT)

Hey Irish... Keep up the good work my friend Thumbs Up

Do you have any idea what (if any) prizes the "new style" MTT leaderboards give out on Stars nowadays? I've tried google search but can't seem to fdind what I'm looking for.

Another good day for you and your good run continues. You must have tremendous concentration levels to play in so many tournaments and you have my respect for being able to do this. Congratz again to you

My warmest congratulations to you, TheIrish77.
We mobsters are amazed at your consistent results. We are certain that this is just the beginning of your exciting and promising future and you are set to conquer the world with your intelligence.

And you are keeping on with good results. And why not.
You have proven so far with your performance, that you have what it takes, to get paid
in a regular basis.
I guess all you need is more time, to squeeze more tournaments in, improving your odds
and profit.

TheIrish the man the myth the legeeeeeennnnnnddddd, its been a while buddy, but i see nothing has changed for u, you are still running hotter then the sun, nice little cahes, one of them was a good ROI, dont get discouraged by the other two, i believe in you to take that tournament down, so take care bud, ill see u soon on the BRM daily tournament, the wedding season is over, and i plan to start playing poker again, to catch up with u on the leaderboard, i see u made quite the progress Big Smile Thumbs Up

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