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Yes i did open this safe. I had many shots saved but never had an idea to when to go and where to start.

And last time vic opened it i wrote that i was waiting to have a genius idea of where to start and tonight i did.

I spent less than 200 shot and got this $40.00.

Thanks BRM.

Yesterday i became a grandfather for the first time of a very nice little boy and today the safe.

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! 40 dollars will come in handy Tongue

And congrats on the grandson too Smile

If you're anywhere near as generous and kind as you come across as on here, he's going to be one very spoiled little boy Smile

Congrats mate.
You had lucky today, I was tip number 257 yesterday but didn't had shots for next numbers heh Disagree
Anyway have a fun with shots money Big Smile


Although technically you only did one of those, and just 25% of the other... Thumbs Up

For once your maths is out Marqis Tongue

2 parents, who each had 2 parents = 6 people total, so 16.666666% Big Smile

Many congratulations to you on opening the safe but many more congratulations to you on becoming a grandfather. What a fantastic end to the week you are having and enjoy spending time with your grandson

congrats pinotte on both Blink

Big congratulations to you on opening the safe and nice price to 40$ not bad Smile
Also big congratulations to you for became a grandfather.
Now you can use this 40$ to buy some present for litlle boy Smile

Congratulations PINOTTE. I saw your name as I went to hit the safe myself.

As for the mathematics discussion that underlies this thread, it's an interesting point.

Considering the observations of Marqis and yout85, here is my take.

Your child is arguably 50% of you. Any child of your child, will arguably be 50% of them. Therefore one could argue that your grandchild is 25% of you! (Notwithstanding there are 6 people involved, the grandparents values doe not get diminished by the other families involvement, therefore while 16.6% may be an argument, that assumes they all have an equal interest in each other's children, which they don't.). Try explaining that to the little one over a bottle sometime!

Hey guys you are a bit to fast on your % of my grandson. You are just forgetting somrthing very important my Wife is for sure 50% of my son and we are assuming that i have the other 50%.

But never forget that this is just assuming the only one that knows for sure who is the father is the wife and in some cases she even won't be sure of who is the father.

But i will take the assumption that i am the other 50%. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

congratz pinotte for both "winnings",especially that you got grandchild Thumbs Up !as I see everybody have luck to spend less shots then I and to hit right combination for 200 shots and not like I to spend 800 and hit nothing!

It seems I might have been overly generous with my calculation...

It seems that the incidence of misattributed paternity ranges from about 10% to 12% (source: ).

Depending on whether you are the attributed father to the mother or to the (attributed) father of the child, we can do an EV calculation (using 11% for convenience):

Mother: 0.89*0.5*0.5 = 22.25%
Father: 0.89*0.5*0.89*0.5 = 19.8%

Maybe some further investigation is required... Good luck!

My most sincere congratulations to you on coming up with the right combination of the safe and for becoming a grandfather!
Welcoming a newborn in the family is not just a celebration for moms and dads, but for proud grandmas and grandpas as well.

Congratulation that you became a grandfarher, thats a big big gift! And that you cracked the bmob safe is a additional nice surprise. It seems, that this can be a verry nice Weekend for you.

Congratulations Pinotte for the 40$... The grandfather thing isn't important Blink

Just kidding obviously, your peanut genes will pass on to your grandchildren and they will irradicate peanut allergies from this world!

Have fun mobsters!!

G'day mate

Congratulations on both the birth of your grandson and on opening the safe.
I am sure you will use the money wisely.
Diapers are costly I am told.
Have a great day amigo
be cool

Ronin Cool

Congratulations on both occasions!
Of course being a grandpa will always be sweeter than winning anything anywhere anytime so I wish for a good health and happy days to both of you!
Hope you'll get some unforgettable memories with the little fella.

Double congratulations pinotte for your two great gifts, wish you all the best for the future!!! Thumbs Up

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