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Robber Stole Old Man's Wallet In Casino Restroom

Niagara Falls, New York - An 85-year-old man from Waterloo, Iowa was robbed a total of $250 while he was inside a restroom at the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino last Thursday, August 4. The poor elderly victim told the police that before the robbery took place, the suspect already approached him earlier at the casino floor, and the suspect attempted to sell him a watch for $20 so that he can [...]   Read more » Robber Stole Old Man's Wallet In Casino Restroom

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Reading this story really makes my blood boil. How can anyone do this to 85 year old man?? I really hope this guy gets caught very soon and is put away for a very long time

Again there is something that is very strange in that story. You are at the casino and a guy approach you to sell you a watch for $20.00 how does he knows that you have $250.00 in your wallet. Question Question

Who knows how much he had in is wallet him and no one else is it a story to try getting money from the casino because you are an old man and they will give you money that you did not had. Question Question Question

Another thing normally casino have camera every where in their facility and they should have a clear picture of the robber if there is one. Question Question Question

I lie the description of the robber. pretty sure they have some clear photos of him.
He was inside a casino, where they have cameras everywhere recording 24/7.
So before entering the toilet, or after exiting they must have caught him.
Unless its is a lame casino, with a security for laughs Smile

Well number 1 he was american, and number 2 i wont dip into what I have to say about that b4 i get the race card thrown at me!

well there you go- another reason to avoid casinos, you can be robbed in the restroom, no one even respects your age... where's the world heading to? if you play online hackers rob you, if you play live- ~150 pounds black dudes rob you... where the hell an average degen can safely play?

If he declined 'to help him out' in the first place how could the robber saw that he has hundreds on him - the old fella should have never shown his wallet on the floor.
The fact that he was robbed later is more to do with his age than with those 250 bucks...

The cctv will clinch it. They old guy will be seen going to the the guy who followed him will also be seen going into the rest room. Match these images up with the entrance cctv where the guy doing the robbery entered will be identified and there you have it. The casino will have the guys name and address and will be able to guide the cops to go and arrest him.

The suspect is described as a 6-foot-tall, 150-pound male. He is definitely not overweight. I guess the watch he was trying to sell for quick cash was a stolen item. It was fortunate that the victim was not physically injured during the robbery. It could have been worse.

". . . The elderly man stated he tried to push the thief away, and in doing so, the back of his hand was cut. . ."
Oh, ok, so he was hurt.

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"Casino security staff were alerted to the crime and followed the suspect out of the facility on the Sixth Street valet side but stopped following him when he crossed over Niagara Street at Fourth Street and ran into the 400 block alley between Fourth and Fifth streets."

Is he still on the loose? Seriously?

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