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My other half asked me to post this...


This left me feeling like I made a mistake...

Both myself and Villain 1 had been too tight and were basically waiting for the other to bust. He had me covered by about 50 chips.
Villain 2 had big stack and was calling whenever we shoved and just been ul not to bust one of us.

My thoughts at the time...
If I call, I have to beat both of them to win and AQ 3 handed isn't that strong.
If I fold, I hope ss loses.
It was a bad situation brought about by me being too tight, but whats the right move?

Timster212 Small blind 150.00 150.00 2730.00
MrWh1te Big blind 300.00 450.00 230.00
Your hole cards Q
xxxxx Fold
Villain 1 All-in 555.00 1005.00 0.00
Villain 2 Call 405.00 1410.00 2325.00

Cant copy well, basically, turbo dym, so only 1000 starting chips

BB is now 300 and other half had 520 chips, other ss shoved with 550 and then the bbig stack called

him to act?

Edited by IceQueenAce (27 August 2016 @ 21:17 GMT)

IMO with 520 chips and BB at 300 you don't have any choice than calling.

However there are a few thing that are missing. Where are you in the tournament how many players left are you near ITM. Question Question Question

My choice of calling would be not being near ITM. If yes than my choice could change depending of money involved.

dym so sng, 6 start and 3 win double buyin

4 left

if the other shortstack busts, I win

Than i would take the risk of folding and hope that big stack win because if you call and the big KO both the other one is covering you.

If your strategy was to play really tight and wait, stay true to it and fold. Yes, the big stack will just have a random hand, but even taht will beat you a lot of the times, and if you both bust, you will and out of the money.

Although I find your description of the situation a bit confusing (would prefer a hand history), I would fold here. The other short stack is already all-in against chip leader, and has you covered.
You know villain 1 probably has a better hand than the any-2-cards hand that villain 2 has, but most of the time he'll be only 60 or 70% favorite.
Folding gives you a 30 to 40% chance of winning right there, without risking anything. That is huge in a DON...

I think your strategy, unless you hold AA ( or maybe KK) once someone else is all in in this situation is to fold. It's pretty pointless playing super tight throughout to start loosening up when you have one player who is shoving at every opportunity and covering both of you, and the other, who has played tight shoving now. Let them fight it out and give yourself a chance in the next hand should they both stay in. If you get the chance to be first all in, then that is the time to do it, not to follow a shove in this situation.

folding left me about 230 chips

Does that change things?

Posted by IceQueenAce:
AQ 3 handed isn't that strong.

and i thought i was tight ..
i must be playing a whole different game ..

oh ok
it is the Double or Nothing Sng .. so 1st and 3rd take same amount

i would still call though .. short stack would have to beat 2 players to win .. and you have such a decent hand AQ .. i would take my chance right there because if short stack wins you basically lost

Edited by Skpmorita (28 August 2016 @ 13:24 GMT)

He posted this on another forum and they gave the same response, that it is a fold. I am wholly satisfied that a fold was the right move.

Skpmorita this was a double or nothing game, so with 4 left, as soon as one person busted everyone cashed the same (much like a satellite). So by folding, if the SS lost, he was guaranteed to win.
There was more chance of the SS busting in this situation than his AQ holding 3 ways.
Does that make sense?

Posted by Skpmorita:

i would still call though .. short stack would have to beat 2 players to win .. and you have such a decent hand AQ .. i would take my chance right there because if short stack wins you basically lost

My other half was the SS, so he had to beat both players if he was to cash.
If the big stack one, my other half lost, because the other shortie had my other half covered

oh ok
Short Stack had to fold .. and call if big stack folded ..
nice hand ..

I m curious what did they have ? im pretty sure SS had best hand but it was the right fold

A lot will depend on how tight you want to play to your strategy and whether AQ is part of your range for shoving .... However, it's always a tough call to follow an all in shout with any certainty, especially if it's from a villain who you have also perceived as tight. It may be a coin flip whether to play depending on your read of your opponent v whether AQ is in your strategy.

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