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Aussie Millions & PokerStars Part Ways

Aussie Millions (established 1998) has been a part of PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour for the past 3 years, however, it will once again be a stand-alone event in 2017. The reason for this is that PokerStars will re-brand all its global tournaments (EPT, APPT, etc.) into one global tour. "On behalf of Crown Management and the Poker Team, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone [...]   Read more » Aussie Millions & PokerStars Part Ways

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what a fcukin sad story, no pokerstars/jokerstars/riverstars for poor aussies... what can be more horrific than this... crocodile dundee rebranded to guinea pig fluffy? there is still a small chance that pokerstars will come back to the event under the new venture- aussie billions...

A very big surprise PokerStars is making another change. Re-brand all is tournaments tour what does that mean.

IMO it is another of their changes to save money like everything they have done since Amaya took them over.

however this one would not change much for me since i am not to interesting to go over the globe to play poker. Smile Smile

I dont think it will be very long before some other big poker site will be sponsoring this prestigious event.The Aussie Millions is one of the biggest tournaments on the poker circuit

The clock ticks on and the world continues to spin....... And nothing stands still. Another change in the global poker scenery sees an opportunity for some other company to exploit the success of the Aussie Millions for their own benefit. There must be something in it ultimately for pokerstars otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. Keep breathing and keep playing!

It´s not a big surprise and i can´t see what good or sad on this News. But Stars was a Sponsor of a lot of nice live poker series and i think the re-brand was ok. All players can choose between many interesting live series.

I have always loved watching Aussie Millions, the longest-running poker tournament in the Asia Pacific, on PokerTube and YouTube. Aussie Millions has been and will be one of the best poker venues among poker players from around the globe.

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In other words they found a way doing more money, thus the new changes Smile
Unless they were losing with this which i doubt.
If it works for your you stick on it.
But anyway this is not a disaster for the specific series.
The more there ae up the better is for the poker world.

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