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This topic has been brought up in the past how too deal with getting donked out of tournament and not go on Tilt. I have setup this thread for all mobsters too vent there frustrations and post there bad beat hands. I will start today playing .50 bounty tournament on Stars pick up suited AK Heart Heart some idiot shoves with K7 suited and hits the 7 i was expecting high pair like QQ. Another one In today's Dollar 500 freeroll on Stars I get AA vs J10 and J10 hits two pair. Online Poker is all luck especially in freerolls and micro stakes the higher the buyin the more serious the play.

There's donks and there's stupid fucks that leak exclusive freeroll passwords to non-BRM players... Just saw this on facebook in a group:

"Amir Ahmed‎ to
Ace-High Poker Group
40 min

who want to play bankrollmobs freeroll with me i can give pass im bored .."

So because he's bored he wants to give random people on facebook the password? Makes a lot of sense. lol

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And this will never change sharing of passwords other sites will ban you for leaking or sharing a password agree totally 100% you want the password then you have to be a member there has too be rules in place. The Leaderboard freerolls are infested probably only 25 percent are registered members. Change the registration process with a no password system this way more people would join BRM simple as that.

yawn yawn yawn

This thread will be infested with unlucky beat because this is part of poker specially freerolls where many players don't care and call wit any two cards and of course if they are suited.

I am making a very big difference between bad beat and unlucky beat.

Bad beat is something like a quad vs a royal flush. The hands that you are referring are just unlucky and you don't see that only on-line you will see the same playing live. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Haha he gived pw because he's bored, lol what a pacient..
I don't like when I have JJ or AK I don't know what to do then, fold or All in, but that's mine unlucky hand and if nobody don't raise up I never don't called on all in.
Last night I lost with AK from AQ and finnish on 10 place Sad

The nature of freerolls is that there are going to be a lot of donks or people playing in a donk way. They do not care about losing so they make plays that they would never contemplate in a proper buy in event

well in last few years,number of donks is just higher and higher!we can see that at BRM leaderboard freerolls!and for this sharing of password,wouldnt comment nothing,what to say about that kind of people!when is some freeroll,you can expect 2 5 all in and ofcourse that you lose against that!

Donks are everywhere literally!!!
I played this morning premier league and i was on bb with 700 chip left on blinds 250/500.
I post 500 bb and left with 200 all table fold and sb push i was dealt 85 clubs and ofc i will cal in that spots with any two cards...
He have J2 and table brings X X X X 8 and i won hand.
Next 5 min. he calls me donk calling station stupid player and etc...
i answered him yes you are .... Smile

So! Why are you all getting frustrated by lucky players who bust you out? Getting frustrated or tilting is such a waste of time. Remember, poker is about probability, that means the unlikely is always probable. Just because you have AA in your hands doesn't mean that it will always hold up...... 72o can beat you! Just ensure you play the correct play at that time and if it gets beat, don't worry! Just keep playing good poker.

Not much you can do about them in the freerolls. Some they learn, but most of them dont.
There is always the "point" they are making, "its free so", there you stop arguing cause its
useless in my opinion. You cant change their minds.
The best thing you can do is adapting your game play in each table separable.

When I call people names, it is entirely subjective and down to my perception of how or why another player performed, or it is merely losing a hand and not liking it. Imagine Jason Mersier plays hands exactly the same way as the worst fish or donk does. It is just that he has very different, sophisticated reasons for doing so. Or maybe not?

brm leaderboard,AA i raise get called.flops nothing but i think bet overpot just in case,calls again,all in for me on the turn,calls,A-5 hits a 6 for the straight...5-9,idiots get paid,,,,fking idiots... Sad Sad Sad


at every tournament has such a player who does not care about whether they will win or lose , I think that the whole problem in the software online poker , for example, I do not have any success at party poker , if I have AQ on a flop go small numbers 4 6 7 if I have a 9 9 on the flop AKJ, once had one player 6-7 times A , the flop certainly A, this player is definitely all in how it is possible that the flop has 6-7 times in a row A and this player 6-7 times in a row A Angry

Until you stop blaming the software and other players, you cant fulfil your potential

donks are everywhere, i'm telling ya- be aware, recently i have even found a couple of donks lying under the table... that's really too much, under the table is my place to occupy! not even mentioning the influx of donks on the streets of swaziland, man those donks are multiplying fast

Yeah they are everywhere especially on Poker Stars hmm Q3 Off I think I will open shove bingo my Queen and crush AJ and AK WTF. Cash game pot size raise with 35 Heart Heart hit trips crush those pocket Kings. Poker Stars home of the Rigged Place. Evil Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

i am one of these donks Tongue
its a freeroll - mostly with a small payout but one trillion players. playing serious doesnt make sense to me. mostly im playing these freerolls to have a chat while im waiting for a table.
its fun to annoy some peeps in chat and have a laugh Big Smile Thumbs Up

I can understand that somebody can play on stupid cards,when you have BRM leaderboard freeroll everyday for 3 months and you can try your luck every day,so you can play first hand on anything,beacuse only 30 positon is payed,lots of players,so what a hell!but when you some big freerolls,for example 2000 $ EPT freeroll,which you have when is some live event,people still play like that and ofcourse you cant know what he have,good or bad,when is every hand in all in!

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