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I was playing this Big Bang Freeroll and was ITM with 2,585 players left and then it froze we were all waiting for around 20min. and the break come i had a little bit more than 12K. chips.

After the break still frozen for a while then it come back i had only a little bit over 1k chips it was so fast that i don't know how much were blinds and ante i had A 10s and hit a flush won the pot with many players all-in.

My last hand i had over 100k in chips and not covering the blinds i had no choice of calling and the hand was not over yet than a message came the tournament has been cancelled and your account was credited for $11.24.

Thanks 888. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Edited by pinotte (06 September 2016 @ 01:23 GMT)

Congratz on the win 888 always has some issues with there software. I guess you wanted the tournament to continue playing for some bigger prizes with 100K chip stack. Question Good Luck with future 888 freerolls. Dollar Thumbs Up

hahahah I was in that tournament too but I actually forgot to play it and when I logged on 888 poker the tournament was bugged (like you said). Somehow I had 3k chips but blinds were huge so I left it on to see what would happen. I think I only got a 30 cent min cash though lol

Easy 11$ for you Pinotte Big Smile


... Big Smile< here too pinotte....Nice for you...! I only got .30c too... Smile

Big congratulations to pinotte for making 11.24$ its not easy to do in this tournament no mater who you do it Smile
I planed to play it last night but i watch some movie and forgot to register...
Congratulations to all who make some cash here Dollar

Many congratulations to you on your win and, for a freeroll, a nice little pick up of $11.24. Its always very frustrating when a tournament freezes especially when you are doing well in one. Well done again to you


these tournaments at 888 are pure luck , all the players are waiting for them to come A , or K , and then all in, there is no other way to play poker on the 888 , I have free tickets for these tournaments , I received a minimum prize 8 cents , 16 cents Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Well done PINOTTE. Annoying when successful tourneys get bugged or obliterated for some reason. I'm not sure how much you could have won in this tournament but $11 will keep you going for a while longer I guess. The 888 tourneys are a real luck bucket of a game to play but sometimes worth it of you can stick it out!

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