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Croupier Exacts Revenge By Cheating Casino Out Of $138,000

Tags: casino cheating, Croupier, Marina Bay Sands, Singapor
Posted on 09 September 2016 by "T".
A croupier working at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) casino in Singapore became unhappy with his employer and opted to exact his revenge - by cheating it of over $138,000. However, as with all cheats, you can never really get away with it as the casino will eventually find out. Jiang Kaiwen, age 24, who started working on September last year at the MBS casino as a dealer of Blackjack, Baccarat and Si[...]   Read more » Croupier Exacts Revenge By Cheating Casino Out Of $138,000

  10-Sep-16, 09:02   #1
Croupier Exacts Revenge By Cheating Casino Out Of $138,000 0 
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 51 (M)
Posts: 7371
This is a story right out of a film. This guy might have got away with it but is seems that he got a bit too greedy and now he is going to have to spend some time in jail. I am curious to see how long he gets

  10-Sep-16, 14:54   #2

Joined: Mar '11
Location: Russian Federation
Age: 48 (M)
Posts: 6547
*His punishment
September 3 Deputy Attorney Thiam Jia Ming Jiang urges to be imprisoned for a term of 13 to 16 months. Lawyer Jiang said that his client was remorseful, and that he only did these things out of naivety and momentary lapse of judgment. Jiang is expected to be sentenced on October 3, 2016.*
pretty easy punishment .... can take risks and other dealer

  10-Sep-16, 16:02   #3
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 43 (F)
Posts: 14104
We see more often lately fraud cases in casinos.
Every casino is full with cameras. What are they thinking in the first place.
Overpaying the ones working with him was one of he things he did, but getting out of the casino
the chips by himself? How hard was this to spot.

  10-Sep-16, 17:57   #4

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 10090
ah well, it doesn't matter how good of a cheat you are, in the end of the day no one, i repeat no one cheats the ultimate cheaters- the casino! pointless even to try, since once your failed attempts do come into the spotlight- you risk of your balls being snapped of and your legged stuffed into your anus... oh and the usual stuff like prison and fines.

  10-Sep-16, 20:41   #5
Joined: Feb '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 55 (M)
Posts: 5643
The absolute best thing about this story, is not the fact that this guy was allegedly abused by customers and not supported by his employers, but the absolutely fabulous journalistic expertise of using the word "snuck". This is a word that does not really exist though is in use by millions of pre school children (and billions of adult Americans) Me thinks they should have used the word "sneaked".

  11-Sep-16, 17:28   #6

Joined: Mar '14
Location: Japan
Age: 46 (M)
Posts: 8983
Singapore's gross domestic product per person well exceeds $60,000. Although $138,000 is a good chunk of (extra) money, I don't think it was worth the risk of getting caught.
I have been wanting to go to Singapore for a long time. Singapore is one of the few exotic destinations I would like to visit in my lifetime.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (11 September 2016 @ 17:39 GMT)

  12-Sep-16, 01:55   #7

Joined: Apr '10
Location: Canada
Age: 31 (M)
Posts: 2656
Goood, for once it's not the casino that's scamming/cheating people out of their money.... Big Smile
But yeah like Pochui pointed out, trying to cheat people that are professionnal cheaters is a bit suicidal. I bet they broke his knees and some fingers before they brought him to the police too, casino mafia style Blink These guys are scary and usually italian...

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