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Man Wins $2.7M After $10 Bet At Crown Perth Casino

Nigel Williams won a jackpot prize worth $2.7 million while playing Texas Hold'em Poker, but it wasn't against any high-stakes pro poker player. It was actually against the house (Crown Perth casino) in a standard table game and not the traditional poker played in card rooms. This type of poker game requires very little skill, but the one thing that you need here in order to win is huge amounts of[...]   Read more » Man Wins $2.7M After $10 Bet At Crown Perth Casino

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great side bet, a -ev bet that this time happened to be the best -ev bet this dude will ever make in his life. This type of poker game requires very little skill- oh then it's my type of game, got to visit this perth casino for some quality no skill games and a reserved seat under the table.

What a great story. I love these kind of stories because they gave hope to all of us hoping to hit the jackpot one day. I hope this guy enjoy's his winnings and congratulations to him again

Oh yes what a nice winning for a bet with only $10. That´s really amazing and a dream for all gamblers. Only one time so much luck and that´s it. We try it again and again Blink

That s some luck indeed.
If it is a side be like i know in most of the casinos, thats for every hand you play,
if you want to participate in the jackpot.
Which means an extra 10$ in each Hand. I wonder why they were asking him, why he wasnt betting
15$ on each hand. Thats too much, especially chasing royal.
I would have bet a couple of times the fiver and thats it Smile

Nigel, a father of two and works as a managing director for a golf course management company, said, "I've got the greatest job in Australia, so what I will do is semi-retire, I'll work five days instead of seven, and I'll put the money in the bank. I'm not going to do anything until March. I just want to spend more time with my children."

)))so they say at the beginning and then the money overshadow mind)))

yeah,you have to be very lucky to get royal flush and to hit such a jackpot!so as I see from text,more you bet,jackpot get higher!so for 10 bucky such a huge amount,cant believe!but I am glad when somebody take lot of money from casino!

No one in his right mind would bet 10$ that a royal flush is about to come... Because the odds are so ridiculously small that it's like throwing 10$ down the toilet.

But this guy probably wasn't aware of that, or didn't care, so he took a chance. And you know, as they say, no risks no rewards Blink

GL mobsters!!!

Congratulations, Nigel Williams!
$2.7 million must be a huge chunk of money for Nigel, who works as a managing director for a golf course management company in Australia. His two children are probably in their late teens to early twenties. I hope he will have a great time with his family and friends.

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probably they earned millions on this kind of players who bet on this type of game,to hit this kind of jackpot!so I think that this isnt some lost for casino,but odds to hit royal flush is so low,but good luck him with this money and that he spend on good stuffs!

BankrollMob Forum » News » Man Wins $2.7M After $10 Bet At Crown Perth Casino

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