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How do you think about HORSE?  0   
For me HORSE is a great speciality!
5 games in one (all pot limit):

Holdem (classic)
Omaha Hi-Lo (interessant)
Razz (curious)
Stud7 (for patient professor)
Eight or better Stud7 Hi-Lo (for intenditor)

All pot limit
HORSE, i like it!


I have never played it.

A lot of people say that only the best players can win in this game Confused Confused

Ma poi tu ci hai capito qualcosa ?? Smile

Where do you play HORSE with pot limit? Usually the games are all fixed limit. HORSE is quite fun, espacially if players don't notice the switch from Razz to Stud7 Big Smile

if players don't notice the switch from Razz to Stud7
Big Smile Big Smile
happened to me few times while i was multitabling.

HORSE is fixed limit game. Where do You play HORSE with pot limit games Sardoso?

yeah nice game but very difficult and alot of luck.takes skill to understand all games but playing em well is a huge task.nolimit horse would be insane. Big Smile

Manuedo, l'Horse è splendido. E' come il decathlon dell' atletica leggera.
Sono 5 giochi che si alternano, ognuno con le proprie regole.
Devi essere bravo in tutte le specialità se vuoi ottenere risultati.
Completezza e padronanza strategica sono le parole d'ordine.

Shokaku, i played some freeroll in Fulltilt (2400 players) with crazy(...donk) people.
Yes, its fixed limit....
Is impossible multitabling with Horse...
Ah ah! Yeah, the switch Razz-Stud7 is little little important...

For me, HORSE is simply a game which is better to play as cash games Thumbs Up which need a lot of concentration.

oh yes HORSE is a great speciality, Sardoso..but it's more difficult to win Confused Confused
good luck at the tables and w italy Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I like Horse, but there's no big traffic even on pokerstars so... i rarely play it... But if you like this kinda mixed games you should definitely try 8-games mixed !! It's horse + NL Hold'em, PLO and limit 2-7 triple draw lowball

I love playing horse, its much thinking and concentration in that game..But i only played it 2 times. Smile

usualy i play HORSE on Pokerstars, it`s very fun. Someone was good on Razz, someone with holdem, someone has good knowledge on all games.
In chess we practice some mixed touneys - torney that consist chess + chess variants (like loosers and crazyhouse), it`s very fun too Smile

I have never played HORSE.
Sounds like fun, but I have to learn the rules of Razz and stud first : )

Why isn't 5 card draw in there?

HORSE is only good because most people are so bad at one or more variants included.

Posted by tommygunne:
HORSE is only good because most people are so bad at one or more variants included.

100% agree...
I love hors. If there is the 7 card stude and the Omaha turn, it`s my time.
Most of the Holden guys can`t play Omaha. That rocks Thumbs Up

Not all sites have HORSE.
Its not very popular i think or it is?

i love playing HORSE limit against tired usamericans on full tilt. so much fun for a buck! Big Smile

Iv had a few games, but i noticed it swichs from a skill game to a luck game, I tend to win at hold em,razz and omaha and then lose it on the outhers, its a fun game but I suck at it.

I don't really play it since I suck at Razz and Stud lol Big Smile and since I like to win this game isn't all that for me Smile i've played it some times (on pokerstars) but I catched myself going tilt especially on the Razz so no, i'm gonna stick with hold'm and omaha Big Smile

i totaly agree that only the best players can win at horse, you really gotta be an expert at all the games in order to win a big tournament

It´s a great game I agree Smile

Besides it´s harder to tilt in HORSE because the games switch, so noone gets bored!

weakminded: If it´s especially the Razz part that troubles u, just play HOSE Smile


what do u mean HOUSE......i am thinking abt horse racing........= =
btw...i love 5 cards draw most......but not much ppl play......... Aww crap!

Recently i discovered that HORSE on full tilt is a gold mine! expecially in the morning ( for Europe) when there are only italians, germans and so on....

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