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Can't guarantee it will work for everyone else, but worked for me....


I emailed support to say I was going to be depositing later on that day, to either 888 or Party poker, and asked if they had any reload bonus they could offer me to convince me to choose them.

There was no reply for a while, so I deposited $30 while waiting... Later on, they replied to my email saying they had put $3 into my account... Unrestricted.

I don't know if they would have paid that even if I hadn't deposited, or if it was 10% of the deposit, or what... But worth a try anyway.


Logged into my account for the first time in ages, and on live chat told them I was thinking of switching all my traffic over to them, from 888... And wondered if they could offer me a NDB to try things out before o deposit.... They gave me €10 again, unrestricted.

Have to wait up to 72 hours... But free cash is free cash Thumbs Up

It's always worth chancing your arm by asking poker providers if they have any incentives for you to carry on playing. They always want to keep your custom. The only guide I would offer is to be careful that you are not misrepresenting the truth to gain an financial advantage cos that could be seen as fraud.

me is too stupid to comprehend all of this free money scam you are on to, but some alarm bells in my a55 are ringing loud informing that you potentially have been using the ancient technique of blackmailing over the unsuspecting poor souls that online poker room owners really are.

No Mr Pochui... No scam involved Smile I was entirely honest with both.

Just pointing out that if you are going to deposit anywhere... Ask what you can get for free first!

I made a deposit on 888 last night and did not ask for something in return. But it cost me to much.

My deposit was $30.00U.S. they charged me in Canadian fund 41.63 plus $1.95 Instadebit fee for a total of $43.58 CD.

If i make a deposit on stars they will convert my money with the XE exchange which is around 6% less than what 888 charged and i go with echeck with no charge.

No more deposit on 888. Aww crap! Aww crap!

Good deal! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, yout85.
You seem to be a very good negotiator, and 888 and Titan know the importance of keeping their valued customers happy. Good luck at the tables.

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I always do this, 888 usually offer something. Some sites, like sky, usually say no.

Always go to livechat on the sites you are on on your birthday too. (Hi, its my birthday, looking for somewhere to put my birthday money, what can you offer me)

as they say in Russia: in the matter of money ... do not take this course interesting information on how you can just ask for money, and you give them ... maybe it is necessary so to do, and all poker rooms where I recorded ... and there are many) ))

I doubt they will do this to all the players.
At some point they will get the story behind it, and they will start asking..
Do you know by any chance yout85 Smile
I bet you will start doing this on other sites too. Doesnt hurt trying.
Like you said its free money. Even if its bonus, its gonna be nice.
Some times it depends on the people handling your case.

yeah, customer service has been improving in the past few years. It's kind of dumb that you have to ask them for deposit bonuses though, they make a lot of cash with the rake so they could easily offer some kind of deposit bonus to their loyal players all year long.

When I wanna deposit, I look for the room with the best bonus. When there's no bonus, I don't deposit Blink

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