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... Big Smile< ...Did a lot of grinding at partypoker last month an ammassed over 50 partypoints... 51+ to be more exact...

... Big Smile< now I see that I'm a 'Silver' instead of a bronze...!

... Big Smile< ...are there any REAL benefits from attaining this level...good freerolls, exponential points gain, or whatever...? What do you get for going up a level like you get on 888 or PS...? It doesn't appear to be much but maybe I'm not seeing something...

Big Smile< Thanks guys...! Smile Thumbs Up

Hey demo,

I am not really familiar with the vip system on partypoker.
But google knows all:

Dont know if u already saw this?
Not really a good explenation they give but its better then nothing.

Good luck on it

as far as i know demo the benefits are you can use points for tickets or casino bonus,not a big step from bronze but if its free its good Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Only Loyalty freeroll Party Poker has is the weekly 1K with 50 point buyin with rebuy rentry but starting tomorrow the Gladiator Promotion returns earn points for freeroll entries and cash prizes. Dollar Thumbs Up

If you cant find info in their site, or in the poker software,
try sending them an email. Probably you can buy in to some tournaments.
Now you have enough points to play the brm freeroll for a whole year.
Its 5 points per entry isnt it ?

from what I know, is that you can only have benefit in higher levels, the main reason: rewards are cheaper to buy with a higher level. for the rest I could not find any benefits, I think it is just a "bad" copy of a familiar system (poker stars). I noticed that when I play roulette , that I don't get much points, only when I bet a lot of dollars you see your points rising fairly quickly, although i would NOT recommend it. GL with the leaderboard!


... Big Smile< Hey thanks guys...! Smile Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< ...ya,...really not much to get excited over...! Smile

I have accumulated 32 points at the party .... I'm not very active there ... only freerolls (and that of the BRM I can not play because I just signed up without bonuses) ... and yet I'm there when I deduce 50 dollars from the BRM ... it would be better not play ... and then I'm drawn to play blackjack and there I lose everything

Huge congratulations on achieving Silver level at PartyPoker, demodawggy!
I hope you will figure out the most advantageous method of converting the PartyPoints. Wishing you the best things in your future to come.

Nope! Not a great deal to get excited over really, which sometimes makes me wonder why I sometimes achieve silver status, maybe it's just to see a shiny silver key at the top of the home page! Well, I don't think I will be making silver status this month... I probably would struggle at bronze status, but for the fact it's free!

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