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Join CasinoRoom In Dubai (promo ends Oct. 16, 2016)

The next stop on the Casino Room World Tour is Dubai! Join us in the desert oasis for what promises to be an unforgettable event. Opt in now with code DUBAI and you could be in store for the trip of a lifetime with Casino Room World Tour! Once you have opted in, you will receive one ticket for every €100 that you wager on any game of your choice. You can earn as many tickets as you like. T[...]   Read more » Join CasinoRoom In Dubai (promo ends Oct. 16, 2016)

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"Opt in now and you could be in store for the trip of a lifetime", "The greater the number of tickets you collect, the greater your chance of winning", "random bullsh1t promo line number 3".
YEAH RIGHT for the 1st two, the 3rd one is something new in the world of brainwashing.

The odds are astronomical on winning one of these packages but imagine if you were one of the lucky ones!! Dubai is always a place i have dreamed of going to and would love to win of these

Of course the chances are very very very small ... Of course anything can happen in this life ... but in general I'm in this ride will not participate ... missing me, and other tempting offers from the poker rooms all the same ... I prefer poker and not casino ... although sometimes I play there

Very nice, very nice - except really nothing to see in Dubai (from a touristical viewpoint) besides all those international 'models' who are coming to 'work' every weekend to 'entertain' their millionaire, billionaire 'hosts'. Adult entertaining, must be interesting.

United Arab Emirates or Dubai is one of the exotic destinations I would like to visit in my lifetime. There has been a lot of talks about underground scenes in Dubai, where adrenaline junkie like myself dares to explore.

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love to see when people say that you dont have anything to see in dubai as tourist and wasnt even there Aww crap! !I was there 5 years ago and can imagine how its different today and would go again!only bad thing is that you cant buy alcohol anywhere,except right away at airport and in some hotels,but you cant be drunk at street!dubai have new things,futuristic,but also old things,museums,boats,souks and lot of fun!


whether you work there dule-vu, or were you like as tourists Question certainly it is a nice experience Big Smile
Dubai is a beautiful country all this futuristic edition,building,island,hotels,you have nice memories for whole life Big Smile,yes problem is alcohol,gambling, joint Smile,how long have you been there Question

I was on vacation there in april!it was great trip!9 days I was there!to go on top of burj khalifa,aqua park at atlantis and so many other things,except shoping!you cant even open bookmaker on your laptop in browser,you get warning thats page is blocked,even bookmaker is from croatia!so there are lot of restriction,but still its nice to go in dubai!and dubai is not country Big Smile ,its just one of seven emirates in UAE!

so vac38 you didnt answered to me anything on this post?especially about thing that dubai is country Big Smile !I think that I will back in some years in dubai,to visit again this city and to see what has changed in more then 5 years!but other countries are on my list,so will visit something that I didnt!

Posted by dule-vu:
love to see when people say that you dont have anything to see in dubai as tourist and wasnt even there. . .

Yeah, totally agreed.
I see what or who you are referring to. I have encountered many individuals who are cheeky, cynical, presumptuous, sarcastic, unpleasant, and smartypants on every online forum. Gotta love these kind of people, lmfao!

i thought in this region of the world, it was not allowed to play in a casino... But money makes the world go round and the show must go on. Off course, the casino was verry luxorious, but i think you can only drink milk there and play memory and bingo Big Smile

BankrollMob Forum » News » Join CasinoRoom In Dubai (promo ends Oct. 16, 2016)

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