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I just wish to understand one thing for the games on Party  0   
On Party Poker, I'm not "Tracked" to any site, but to play In the games It states that "I must be tracked", now am wondering, since I already have a Party Poker account, that I use on a regular basis, Is their a way for me to be "Tracked to Bank-Roll-Mob"?

I really wish to par-take In the Leader-Board events but I can't because I'm not tracked through Bank-Roll-Mob.

While you are saying you are not tracked to any site, still i find it impossible for tis to happen.
I dont think you will be able to get tracked, since this is happening during the registration
process by following the link provided in every site. Bad luck there Smile

I'm in the same position as you are .... I already had an account on PP and unfortunately it was not registered by the BRM ... when I created my account, I did not know about the BRM ... so much to my regret in freerolls from BRM PCB I can not play ... it is certainly very sad, but this will not change anything ... it is necessary to go on and play somewhere else

Hey, mikedamouth. I understand your situation well. I myself have an account with PartyPoker, which is not linked to So, I won't be able to participate in any of these special promotions. Anyway, good luck on your games.

yeah,I think same,that you cant do aynthing now,beacuse you are already member and to be tracked from some site,you have to use affiliate link at registration or to put bonus code!so I think thats all is over now and you cant do aynthing!

You have to be tracked for the rake leaderboard and for the Sunday freeroll.

However when there are regular leaderboard on Party Poker you have to register in the leaderboard but no need to be tracked.

Like the previous one for which top 200 tournament is schedule for the 16th. you did not have to be tracked to play on this one. Smile Smile

BankrollMob Forum » Mob Games » I just wish to understand one thing for the games on Party

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