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signed up waited ten days nothing ?

Ignore it!!!! look for another site. You will disappointed play there. Just read another old post about duck poker at this forum.

forget about this poker room ... they do not even have a license .. I have read on other sites where a lot of unhappy people write about their poker room that has deceived ... I played there for a while ... sometimes .. . parekrasny and one day I could not go to my account ... support silent .. but why would she respond when initially they were crooks and money to pay were not going to ...

Welcome to the forum, scarrface. I hope you like it here.

DuckPoker is notorious for their unconventional terms and conditions.
"All ‘Real Money Freeroll’ related withdrawals require players to earn 30 Player Points per $5 in Freeroll winnings. Until the Player Points requirements are met, players may make withdrawals equal to any real money deposits that have been made."
There have been countless negative reviews about DuckPoker since their launch in 2014.

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so why the hell does bankrollmob still point players there?

After approval, some times it takes a while longer till you get the bonus, whatever that is.
It is usually delay from the sites.
You will have to have some patience about it and it will come your way.
Always better to play in big rooms though.

Posted by wolfydan:
so why the hell does bankrollmob still point players there?

Why an affiliate keep affiliating to rooms which are notoriously treat players like second class citizens of the online gambling world? Dunno, the real reason must be money related Blink
But still - avoid Duck and it will save you from a future headache...

It is very bad poker. I don't recommend. There is nothing to do if you want only a problem for yourself. They have no license and arrive then by not really fair method, just throw people on money. Remove this poker in general and don't advise others

surprises me only one thing: American cardrum exactly the same software ... and I understand that the first poker room in this software was duck poker ... so the question arises: can be a clone of duck poker? then with him too, should not be the case in general .. interesting situation Confused Confused Confused

They have the same software probably cause they are in the same network.
That is how it works with networks. Only the skin changes.
And you can find many differences between sites in a single network.
If for example one doesnt pay, that doesnt mean they all dont.
So you cant judge the same all the sites.

It was Thursday, October 20, 2016 when you raised an issue that you had been waiting for the sign-up bonus for 10 days. So, it has been approximately 30 days since you opened your account at DuckPoker. Anything new?

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (10 November 2016 @ 07:14 GMT)

Yeah, this room is pretty dead... Don't go waste your time over there if you want my opinion. I did make some cash when I played there a couple of years ago when there was a bankrollmob leaderboard. But the customer support was only one guy and it felt weird so I cashed out everything I had pretty quickly but it was all from freerolls so I have nothing to really complain about.

GL on the tables

In my opinion thread title is wrong ...*F*uck poker should be the right one

I opened the account in the duck poker but not made deposit I took your advice, I hope that also our new friend listen to your advice and to avoid duck poker SmileGood to have you asked this question whether will accept advice remains to you to decide Smile

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