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Is pokerstars worse than any others?(truthfully)

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Do you guys have some kind of tracking software? Pokertracker, holdem manager? Do you really get dealt AK more often then say 72 or 93?

Pokerstars is a very good place to play imo. One of the biggest playerbase Ive ever seen.

there is no way that poker stars is rigged, if you loos it´s is proberly because you dont use a good bankroll man.

ther is so many bad players on the internet, and almost 90% of use pokerstars they play like a fool and when is don´t goes as well after a few houres they think it´s rigged, i have played on pokerstars from the start, and NEVER seen anythings that points at being rigged. If you use a good bankroll management then it´s one of the best sits...

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Posted by BluffOnly:
Posted by Administrator:
Can anybody give just one good reason as to why a pokersite (pokerstars in this case) would benefit from being rigged (more bad beats to the players) ?

That's actually a very very interesting question. A while ago, there was a long discussion on a danish poker-forum.

Why would it be +EV for a pokersite, to have too much badbeats?

I can tell you why it can be +EV

If there is more bad beats than expected, it will often be the bad player that wins the pot. And that is just a fact.

So why should the pokersites wanna have bad players? - Isn't it good to have lots of sharks. - No, the pokersites earn more money, when there's lots of fishes (and there is many fishes on pokerstars)

Rigged = Bad Beats = More bad players = More money = +EV for PokerStars.


Sorry mate but you never got to the point why does the pokerrroom earn more money from a bad than from a good player, both players pay the same in rake Confused

Imo it's much better for the pokerroom if a regular wins than a donky. He will play more with the money creating more rake than the donky would + a smaller chance the money will be withdrawn.

Only losers whine. There might be very much good players there I think

Erm correct me if im wrong, but i never said a thing about it being rigged.
You guys are pulling at strings like.
I just said it was pretty bad for bad beats

i dont think they care whos winning as long they get their rake. they have no use if u got beaten by bad beat!?

well one thing on stars is their famous river.
even when playing on other sites, and someone gets riverd they say "hell, it looks like stars in here " so
rigged, no
dodgy? yes

Full tilt is the funniest, every time i go there the cards make me laugh.

Got so many bad beats today at riverstars.. and all of them came on the river.... Maybe tomorrow is better day for me.

pokerstars is the same really just so many playerts on tghe site

Yesterday I was playing on Pokerstars a 5 Card Draw PL 11$ + 1$ S&G on a table with 6 players. And no joke... in this game was 7 <<<< in words seven 4 of a kind.
I was winning it with AAAA - DDDD - AAAA - 7777.

Then there also was 2222 - AAAA - JJJJ... all in 1 hour. I never seen it before and think this is not normal. I never had 4 ... 4 of a kind in one week... now in one hour LoL

But what ever... I won 42,90$ LoL Confused Dollar Dollar

First of all, rigging online poker game is not targeted at bad or good players, its sole purpose is to generate rake, from both types of players and it has nothing to do with bad beats.

Sorry mate but you never got to the point why does the pokerrroom earn more money from a bad than from a good player, both players pay the same in rake

I answered this in different thread, i would give the link but my first post on that page will pop up. pasted with quotes

..but You never hear of someone taking a poker room to court..

To be able to win a case on court one would have to provide some evidence that online room is cheating. Theory that they are making money this way and even pulling out some big database which shows this behavior is not evidence that will hold up in court because poker is a game of chance and as such can produce any result. To have any chance of proving that software is rigged one would have to get his hand on entire code of some poker room and without their knowledge because all they have to do is delete part of the program code which is doing this or just swap hard drives with clean program code.

do You really think that they would risk a 100% bullet proof money making site.. ...for some pennies more in rake?

If you can accept reasoning I have presented in part about proving something in court then you must agree that this is almost bulletproof too.

About amount they can scoop this way I totally disagree, at the moment there are almost 20,000 tables full at Poker stars, which is on average 20,000 hands per minute. if they can get on average 0.05 per hand more in rake that sums up to $1000 per minute which will be $60,000 per hour.

60,000*16=960,000 (i have not put 24 hours but 16 hours to allow little more variance) If you think that $1,000,000 per day is pennies please send me some lunch money. Big Smile

i think its not rigged its just there pokerengine, i think they got good mtt or sng but bad cashgames. Aww crap!

havent had a problem myself you just had a bad run of luck pokerstars is one of the oldest and safest dont fret

Pokerstars has tons of players. They don't have to manipulate with cards or something...
And they have very good tournaments with big prizes and low buy-ins. I like it! Cool

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