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Split Decision on Phil Ivey versus Borgata court case

After hearing the testimonials and contemplating the evidence from both parties in this rather complicated situation, a judge in the U.S. District Court has given out a split decision on the case involving the Borgata in Atlantic City and professional poker player Phil Ivey. The split decision has rendered any final financial decisions suspended in the air as to which of the two will emerge victor[...]   Read more » Split Decision on Phil Ivey versus Borgata court case

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This really is a very unusual case and it will be fascinating to see what the eventual outcome is. In my opinion, Ivey has done nothing wrong and he should be paid his winnings

it is similar to the situation in a shop .. if the wrong product is the price tag the shop is obliged to sell at that price, even if it is at a loss here ... a similar situation and a casino in my opinion needs to shut up and accept their mistake

In my opinion, Ivey did nothing wrong and so it was not ok. But it seems, that a Casino have a lot of Partners in the court Blink The better deal was, that the Borgata was the new Sponsor for Ivey and so they can spend the tax to the court Big Smile

Some bull legal like in most of the cases.
hard to beat casinos in such cases, with all the money they have behind to "run" the case,
but i dont like ivey, and if the casino wins this time i wouldnt mind at all Blink
We will need to wait for this, longer, from what it seems.

not like he brought his own marked cards to the casino. its their own stupidity. you could say its morally not right, not gentlemen like or whatever, but thats all. btw, i bet everyone would have done the same if he had the opportunity, and who denies is either a liar or stupid.
like pajalnick says: you can compare it with the prize tag in a shop. i hope he wins this case.

well great to be a judge right... you read 30 pages of bulls*it and after that long read it all comes down to: "you are right and so is your opponent. however i would also like to point out that you are also wrong and for that matter so is your opponent. now go on and sort this out yourself dudes".

always rooting for Phil Ivey at the tables and now in the courts, Phil great player and also cheater

The judge granted a period of 20 days for the Borgata casino give their opinion and propose a trial for damages resulting from breach of contract. Players will have the same time to respond to this proposal.

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Does not matter whats the last decision will be Phil Ivey probably forever gonna be on some casinos black list especially for gimmicks like this.
As if he would need gimmicks like this to be able to win huge amounts.
btw the casino should have just decline the ask right away 4 the dealer who was speaking madarin, that was totally a red flag...

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