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Dayton Casino Robbery Suspect Arrested

A 63-year old woman was attacked by a male suspect while walking to her vehicle after having spent the evening at Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway. The woman told police she was leaving the compound at around 9:45pm. The male suspect approached her upon entering the parking area, according to reports by Dayton police. The report states that the suspect attempted to grab the woman's purse to st[...]   Read more » Dayton Casino Robbery Suspect Arrested

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well at first i thought it's casino personnel who have created this masterplan of getting back the money that casino lost at the tables, you know bang the winning player on the head and take the money back into the "economy"... but apparently this time it was a random bloke who was out of cash and was in a bad need for a joint or two...

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Another story about another dispicable event in the jolly country we all know and love ....the United States of America! Yet another scallywag who was down on his luck and cash and decided to make an easy gain by mugging an elderly gambler. Poor old gamblers! It's not fair! They'll be arming themselves soon in self defence!

It didnt take long to read about another incident in casinos Smile
But this time they managed to get the suspect very fast.
Older people are getting attacked very often by these criminals in casinos.
They shouldnt be alone there late at night.

This poor woman must have been terrified and i am glad that they have caught this guy before he is able to do it again to somebody else. I hope, if he is found guilty, that he goes to jail for a long time

the perpetrator was apparently blurred mind ... how to be an idiot to commit a crime where it has provided all the data about yourself and where everything is recorded on the surveillance camera ... probably people lost everything and was terrified and ready for anything

Posted by pochui:
... but apparently this time it was a random bloke who was out of cash and was in a bad need for a joint or two...

There always some suckers out there who are effin their life's up to grab some petty cash fast, so here we are again with another article about a bloke who just did that.

This is one of the most abjectly stupid things I have ever seen. I am relieved to hear that a 63-year-old woman who was attacked by Nathan Griffith, the suspect of the robbery, was not seriously injured.

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