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I don't normally get involved with politics but i sure hope that America doesn't vote in HRC.
That woman is so corrupt she would shame the devil.
I've read stories about her and they are not good , the email scandal, the Clinton foundation , the pay for play scandal she's even been accused of being part of a paedo ring with her husband.
If any of that lot is proven to be true she should be going to jail not the white house.
Oh and i just don't like that sneer she has all the time.
As for Trump he's said a few dumb things about women and latinos that look like hindering his attempt to win but i would have him over her any time.
Any thoughts mobsters ?

In all the story you have seen about Mrs. Clinton not to many went to court and those that went to court were denied or found not guilty.

Before accusing someone with your story reading you better make research about them.

Before take side of Trump you also should make some search about him.

I am not a fan of Mrs. Clinton but Trump is a business man that know nothing about world politics.

Eh no pinotte none of them were found not guilty,i think you should do your research.
FBI director Comey said that he couldn't prove intent in the email fiasco that's certainly not "not guilty " .the Clinton foundation is still being investigated so that's another that isn't not guilty,
which ones was she found not guilty ? according to your reasearch ?

Here in Canada you are not guilty until you are accused in court found guilty by a judge. And i believe it is the same in U.S.A.

If she had been found guilty she coud not be running for president.

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I think this whole election is a joke.

Trump's strategy was to divide the people with radical opinions that even he knows are stupid, and it worked. Now that's he's been elected he asks the people to stand together blah blah blah... Politics are even worst in the United States than they are here in Canada and that's saying something. They don't even talk about the real problems of the world. It's always about economy and corruption... Like that's gonna help us when the next ice age comes Blink

I think that in this situation, US citizens rather vote against Obama and Clinton than Trump ... I read a few stories about the big tax increase during the Obama presidency, and of course people were unhappy with this ... and the lies and the hatred of Clinton also ottolenuli her many people ... and the result was natural
Trump and therefore became president

Here is my thoughts about recent United States elections

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... Big Smile< ...Ironically, use a term by Lenin.... 'Usefull Fool' or 'Usefull Idiot' describe Trump...:

In political jargon, useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

Demodawggy is right though. To me a president or prime minister or whatever you call it is just there to get his "team" elected, basically it's a glorified spokeman. He on his own really can't decide of anything. Democracy is basically an illusion in my opinion. Behind the scenes, they do whatever they want, whenever they want. Here in Canada they can vote laws that will help them stay in place for longer... and we only find out months later... lol

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