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it's the winning way
There's a very well known Poker player, a man who enters the World Series of Poker every year, who has a talent
for figuring out exactly what your hand is. But when he decides that you're holding a Pair of Jacks (in Hold’em) and
his own hand will not beat the Jacks, he'll try to make you throw your hand away.
To me, that's not being aggressive ... that's being stupid. It works sometimes, but should you jeopardize your money
when you think your opponent's got a good hand? Let him win the pot and wait till you think he doesn't have much
of anything. That's when you can try to bluff him out of the pot. Or wait until you think you have him beat.
Everybody in Poker thinks he knows what a tight player is, but I'm going to define it again because so many people
confuse the term "tight" with "solid".
"Tight" means conservative. A tight player is a player that is tight pretty much all the time.
But a "solid" player is a player who's tight about entering a pot in
the first place ... but after he enters the pot he becomes aggressive.
Most good players, by the way, are solid.
The opposite of the tight player, as you would imagine from the name, is the loose player. He'll play most of the
pots. Often he'll be drunk. You need patience to play him, and you require a good hand to bet because he'll call you
with extremely weak hands.
The perfect opponent to face is the Calling Station. He's similar to a loose drunk player, but he rarely bets. Most of
the time, he just checks and calls. And if you can’t beat a man who always checks to you ... you can't beat anyone.
Timid players don't win in high stakes Poker.
As you'll learn, I don't fit into any of the classic categories. I have the reputation of being a very aggressive player
with a definite tendency to be on the loose side. But, despite my aggressiveness and looseness, I exercise a
considerable amount of judgment whenever I play

Doyle Brunson's

Aggressive playing style seems to be beneficial and less exploitable not only short-term but also in the long run. Loose-aggressive players will likely to have a higher variance than that of tight-aggressive players.

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