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can be a two edged sword
The opposite kind of reputation is, of course, a two edged sword. It cuts both ways. After winning the World
Hold’em Championship two years in a row, it is understandably hard for me to get a lot of high Hold’em action
Ideally, you want a reputation (particularly in Hold’em) that will make other players just a little afraid of you. Not so
afraid they won't play... but afraid enough to respect you.
There isn't really any good way of establishing your credentials as a top Poker player except to get to the top and
stay there.
Playing head up against another good player, for instance, is not a realistic test of who's the best player because it
happens that some people who are very good at head up play are not very good in a Ring game ... and vice versa.
The perfect test would probably be to have the same line up (set of players), playing against each other five nights a
week for a year. There would be no extraneous factors (like the introduction of new players), and almost no amount
of luck could keep the best player from winning the most money over a period of a year (providing there was a real
difference in the quality of play between the best and the second best player).

Doyle Brunson's

waoz you have a lot of posts in the forum but you should know that here in the forum a lot of experienced guys in poker, certainly know all the rules of poker that you publish a few days, you should know whether people reading this will give some benefit from this, first wait a opinion and then decide if you will continue to extend with your posts

I dont understand what will you get with this kind of posting and opening 5 threads every day with one post?what will happen with forum if all of us open 5 threads per day!its silly and somebody should stop this!if he want to write about this,open one or two thread and copy text there,not like this Angry

well mr. waoz copy/paste dude i have only this to say to you: i have absolutely non existent reputation at the poker tables, under the poker tables and in between the poker tables and any of my poker opponents don't really fcukin care about this, or anything else except their own cards.


... Big Smile< Buddy is off to a good start with this rash of postings all of a sudden...! Big Smile


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Confused Big Smile Spade

Hahaha that's what, think, whether it is good or bad ... it is better to have replicas to have nothing ... is the idea of the forum, it is something like drawing attention, I bet that in a while many come to see To waoz to see your critics, jejejeje .. something of psychology

Totally true ... but a little theory is not bad for a beginner, then the experience determines the type of player by their own decision making

Dear friend, I challenge you to see all my posts and criticize them .. is the objective. jejeje

Original poster posts about reputation but seems like he really don't care about HIS reputation Aww crap! Aww crap!

I hope Tony will ban him permanently because it is so obvilus he is here just for points and is shamelessly copypasting random parts of poker books. Thumbs Down

As read my post we have, if it bothers you so much.

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