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Good evening Mobsters

I had quite the journey today at partypoker it all started at partycasino where I was given 10 free spins for day 2 of the Christmas advent calendar I won $5 with the free spins and took my winnings to the Hot as Hades slot where I wasn't having much luck until I hit the mystery feature super spins and had 5 free spins. From that on 2 out of the 5 spins I made $20 cad dollars had about $21 cad after everything then I cashed back the $5 free spins and left myself with about $16 cad ($12 usd) to play some poker that was not going the best for me and I was down to my last couple of bucks I decided to take a shot at the $50 turbo $1.10 buy in tournament. Well I can say that was a good decision because the poker gods were with me on this one and I ended up taking it down for nice small profit of $20.40 USD about $26.85 cad for my efforts. I can say that the month of December is off to a great start. Smile

Wishing all my fellow mobsters all the best and good luck at the tables Big Smile Worship Thumbs Up Smile

Your friend Sammybeyo

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That was a fantastic set of results for you and many congratulations to you. Its always a very nice feeling to win and this has started your month off in tremendous style and i hope you can keep the winning run going

Thanks Doubletop777 it was a nice little treat to start off the holiday month of December I will do my best to keep up the winning ways Big Smile Worship Thumbs Up Smile

Our warmest congratulations to you, sammybeyo!
You are one of the most gifted poker players and certainly deserve to be rewarded. The sky is the limit. We are here to support you each step of the way.

when a tournament is played not so many players it is always interesting ... there are good chances of winning .. probably why I love more than sitngo MTT tournaments ... In any case, congratulations on a good achievement and good luck in the game

not so much players,so good chances to be in prize pool,but still only 9 rewards!so need time and patience to play good and get right cards!and especially to win tournament,no matter for what prize!good luck in future on tables!

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Thanks Tony_MON7ANA appreciate the kind words I am running well as of late and this tourney win was well earned I was behind 7 to 1 chip disadvantage heads up and I came back to win first place I was determined focus and lucky to get the job done Smile Worship Thumbs Up

Thanks Dule-vu and pajalnick I know the player field and prizepool for first was not so big but still it was quite a grind to get first place appreciate the kind words thanks again Worship Thumbs Up Smile

Thats a wery good result from a smal buy in, and i play on partypoker but i play and sngoos but im not sucesfull in winings, am beginner in poker online and i hope i go on winings stages

Thanks Semikarla appreciate the kind words I like the sit and gos too they are fun to play and low variance but then again the tournaments catch my attention because you can turn a very small buy in into a big score if your skillful and lucky and with alot of hard work and dedication thanks again my friend and good luck at the tables Worship Thumbs Up Smile

Posted by sammybeyo:
Thanks Tony_MON7ANA appreciate the kind words I am running well as of late and this tourney win was well earned I was behind 7 to 1 chip disadvantage heads up and I came back to win first place I was determined focus and lucky to get the job done. . .

You are welcome. You pulled off a fabulous comeback. Very well done!

I admit Tony_MON7ANA I had to get alittle lucky in my comeback had to win a few flips to get back in there but when I had the chips and our stacks were closer I played my A game to take down the tournament very grateful I pulled it off hope to have more great results this month as well thanks again my friend appreciate the kind words and support Worship Thumbs Up Smile

You had a nice day in general. You had to tell it was your lucky day, or one of them Smile
when you got the wins in the slots.
A very nice outcome from a free promotion, which has a long way to go.

Hey gratzt for your winnings at the slot machines and at the poker table Blink Thats great and now you have some money to build your bankroll or start a little challenge in december. That can give you the motivation to try more games.

congrats sammybeyo for notching up a small win. small wins lead to big wins, and big wins lead to... well probably small wins again, since no one besides bruce lee can go on to only bigger and greater things in life without setbacks. wish you all the best sammy, keep winning.

Thanks Mober appreciate the kind words it sure was my lucky day yesterday a nice little present to start off December Smile Got so lucky at the slots was only betting 20 cents a spin and randomly got 2 $10 wins from no where it was the building blocks for the good day I had its funny how little things like that come together to make your day good I was really fortunate indeed. Smile

Thanks DaCapo71 appreciate the kind words as well It is true I had so much luck at the slots and the poker table as well. Blink That is a great idea I should start a mini bankroll challenge of sorts to keep me in check and help to attain more of the poker goals for the future and have motivation to play more poker games overall

Thanks again and good luck at the tables
Worship Big Smile Thumbs Up Smile

Thanks Pochui hey even the small wins add up in the long run and as you said it lead to the bigger wins and of course it can be vise vera as well and that is so true about Bruce Lee thanks for the kind words my friend I will try my best to keep winning and keep the streak of good fortune alive Worship Thumbs Up Smile

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